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Freckle Juice Lesson Plans | Freckle Juice Activities

Freckle Juice is a relatable and entertaining chapter book, appropriate for students in grades 1-3. Award winning author Judy Blume, tells a hilarious story about wanting to be different. The main character, Andrew Marcus, will do just about anything to have freckles like his classmate Nicky Lane. When a classmate offers to sell Andrew a recipe for a concoction called "freckle juice", he wants some immediately.

Students will quickly identify with the characters, and will love Andrew’s attempt to solve his troubles by making "freckle juice". This is an ideal book for beginning plot and character mapping, and using these fun activities, your students will be able to bring the story to life!

Student Activities for Freckle Juice

Essential Questions for Freckle Juice

  1. Have you ever wished you could be like someone else? Why did you feel that way?
  2. What would it be like if everyone was the same?
  3. What is something that makes you unique?
  4. What does it mean to accept who you are?

Freckle Juice Summary

Second grader Andrew Marcus wants freckles more than anything in the world. His classmate Nicky Lane has the perfect set of freckles. One day Andrew counted 86 of them! If only Andrew could find out how to get them, he wouldn’t have to wash his neck and he’d never be late for school! He probably wouldn’t get in as much trouble with Ms. Kelly either, because he wouldn’t be so distracted by Nicky’s freckles. The only problem is, freckles seem impossible to get.

That is, until his obnoxious classmate Sharon lets Andrew in on her secret: the recipe for "freckle juice" has been in her family for years. It’ll only cost Andrew fifty cents. Although Andrew would rather not pay Sharon for anything, he can’t stop thinking about it. He decides it must be worth a try. Things don’t go smoothly during the recipe exchange. After paying up, Sharon throws the recipe across the classroom, and Andrew falls on the floor trying to grab it. Ms. Kelly confiscates the recipe. Luckily (or unluckily) for Andrew, she returns it to him at the end of the school day.

Andrew can’t contain his excitement, and runs home from school to mix the recipe. Andrew mixes up the recipe, using some substitute ingredients, ignores the foul smell, and gulps it down. Soon, Andrew is feeling strange, but more of a sick strange than a freckle strange. When Mrs. Marcus comes home, Andrew is in rough shape. At first she is concerned, but after seeing the mess of ingredients in the kitchen, she sends Andrew to bed.

There was no way Andrew was going to let Sharon get away with tricking him. He comes up with a plan: he’ll simply draw the freckles on! His classmates get a kick out of his blue magic markers freckles, but Andrew doesn’t care. Soon, his kind teacher lets him in on her little secret. She quietly gives him a secret formula for removing freckles – for free! Andrew finds a bar of soap and instructions wrapped neatly in the secret box. When he sheepishly returns to class, Nicky Lane can’t believe it. He asks Ms. Kelly if he can use her secret formula. Andrew can’t believe Nicky would want to get rid of his freckles. The story ends with a lesson about self-esteem for Andrew, and one last offer from Sharon. She wants to sell a secret recipe for freckle remover to Nicky Lane. The recipe has been in her family for years...

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How To Explain The Lesson in Freckle Juice To Younger Students


Describe the Story

Begin by describing "Freckle Juice" as a tale about a little kid named Andrew who sincerely desires freckles. Justify Andrew's desire for freckles by stating that he finds them to be really cool and that his friend Nicky has them. Ask the students questions like why they think Andrew likes freckles so much. And if his wish is justified?


Discuss Andrew's Wish

Describe Andrew's fervent wish. He admires Nicky's freckles and decides he wants them too since they are so unique. Students should be asked if they have ever desired something because they believed it to be unique as Andrew did.


Discuss Andrew’s Plan

Describe Andrew's strategy for acquiring freckles. He learns that a unique concoction known as "freckle juice" is meant to endow him with freckles. He believes that having freckles will make him happy and more similar to his pal Nicky.


Impart The Lesson

Explain the story's main lesson. Andrew gained some really valuable knowledge. He discovers that he is unique in and of himself. He doesn't have to alter who he is to be like someone else in order to be unique.


Tell Them To Be Proud of Themselves

Express how wonderful and different each of us is, just like Andrew. Ask kids what makes them unique; perhaps they are talented at sketching, a terrific friend, or have a great sense of humor. Stress the importance of being proud of oneself.


Creative Exercise

As a fun exercise, have kids sketch themselves and list the qualities they appreciate about themselves. This aids in their retention of the lesson—that they are wonderful just as they are.

Frequently Asked Questions About Freckle Juice

What is the theme of "Freckle Juice"?

A youngster named Andrew in Judy Blume's children's novel "Freckle Juice" dearly wants freckles like his pal Nicky. He experiments with numerous means to get freckles and even contemplates ingesting an unknown liquid known as "freckle juice" to fulfill his ambition.

Why is Andrew so desperate for freckles?

For Andrew, getting freckles will help him stand out and more closely resemble his friend Nicky, who has many of them. He thinks freckles are cool and unusual.

What is the story's primary conflict?

Andrew's intense desire for freckles is the major source of contention. He develops an obsession with the concept and looks for other ways to realize his objective, which puts him in amusing and unexpected circumstances.

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