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Where do Polar Bears Live Lesson Plans

Where Do Polar Bears Live? by Sarah Thomson is a great reference book for children learning about polar bears and the Arctic. With a somewhat fiction feel, this book entices the reader with illustrations and many facts about polar bears and their cubs. Students will learn about these fascinating creatures and also about the future of the Arctic and its inhabitants.

Student Activities for Where Do Polar Bears Live?

Essential Questions

  1. Why are the polar bears in danger?
  2. What can you do to help save the Arctic and the polar bears?

Where Do Polar Bears Live? Summary

Where Do Polar Bears Live? by Sarah Thomson is a great informational text that introduces polar bears and the Arctic. There is loads of information on polar bears including: where they live, what they eat, and how they grow. The author relays a message that is very crucial for young readers to understand. She tells about how each year the Earth has gotten warmer and more ice is melting in the Arctic. Without the ice, polar bears are having a hard time surviving (a lot of arctic animals are). She relays this message in a meaningful way and includes information on why the world is getting warmer and what can you do to help it. The book’s illustrations are very captivating and easily engage young readers.

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