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Poppleton in Winter Lesson Plans

Poppleton in Winter by Cynthia Rylant is a great book for young children with details that are easily recognizable. In this easy-to-read chapter book, Poppleton the pig charms young readers with his adventures and whimsical ideas. Children will be begging for more Poppleton stories!

Student Activities for Poppleton in Winter

Essential Questions for Poppleton in Winter

  1. What makes a good friend?
  2. What are ways that you can be creative?

A Quick Synopsis of Poppleton in Winter

In the first story, it is winter and large icicles hang from Poppleton’s house. Though several people have told Poppleton that he should get rid of the icicles, the pig has no interest in doing so. He likes his icicles. A bird, named Patrick, accidentally flies into the icicles and knocks them all down. Patrick is very sorry about the icicles and Poppleton forgives him. Patrick comes up with a brilliant idea: to make a picket fence out of the icicles. Poppleton and Patrick work hard to build the fence and it looks fantastic. They have dinner together and Poppleton realizes that icicles will not last forever, but his new friendship with Patrick will.

In the second story, Poppleton decides to make a bust of his friend Cherry Sue. He gathers all the supplies and is ready to start when he forgets what Cherry Sue’s hair looks like. He goes over to her house and when she answers he only says, “Hello”, and looks at her hair, and leaves. Poppleton visits Cherry Sue two more times because he cannot get her features right. Cherry Sue becomes aggravated and finally demands to know what Poppleton is doing. Poppleton tells her, and she decides to go over to his house to be his model. It takes Poppleton five hours to finish the bust, but when he is done, it looks exactly like Cherry Sue, and she is very happy.

In the third story, Poppleton wants to go for a sleigh ride. He calls all his friends but they are all busy baking yummy treats. Poppleton is feeling very sorry for himself. When the doorbell rings, Poppleton’s friends all shout “Surprise!”, and give him the yummy treats they baked. Poppleton had forgotten that it was his birthday, but his friends remembered and that made him happy. They go for a midnight sleigh ride and Poppleton does not make a birthday wish, because he already has everything he could possibly wish for.

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