The Wild Robot Book: A metal robot holds a gosling in one hand. She smiles in front of a deserted island.

Roz is a robot. Her story begins when a hurricane leaves her alone on an island, programmed and intact, while all of the other robots were destroyed by the storm. Roz is initially feared by all of the animals on the island, but soon proves herself to be a trusted member of the group. Roz feels safe and welcome in her new home, until one day her creators come back to find her, determined to take her back where she belongs. The Wild Robot is an imaginative, entertaining story about differences, friendship, and survival.

Student Activities for The Wild Robot

Essential Questions for The Wild Robot

  1. What are some of Roz’s humanlike characteristics?
  2. What is the main theme of the story?
  3. How does Roz change throughout the story?

The Wild Robot Summary

ROZZUM unit 7134, or Roz for short, is a state of the art robot who becomes stranded on an island when the cargo ship carrying her and hundreds of others like her sinks during a hurricane. Roz is activated by a group of otters, and begins exploring her new surroundings. The animals on the island are confused and frightened by Roz, calling her a monster, but she observes and learns from them, and eventually is able to speak their language. One day, after a terrible accident, Roz finds a single goose egg, the lone survivor after the others have been killed. Roz decides to save the gosling, and protects it until it hatches. Not knowing how to care for a baby goose, Roz seeks out the help of the others, and an older goose named Loudwing encourages her to name the baby and advises her on how to take care of it. With that, Roz is now the adopted mother of baby Brightbill.

Now that she is caring for Brightbill, the other animals trust her more and are more willing to help her adapt to her new environment. Mr. Beaver builds a lodge for her and Brightbill, and a fawn named Tawny shows her how to build a beautiful garden where others will want to visit. As the garden flourishes, so does Roz’s relationships with the other animals. Meanwhile, Brightbill meets a talkative squirrel named Chitchat, and the two become instant best friends. As the days get shorter and the cold weather nears, Roz realizes that Brightbill must migrate with the other geese for the winter. The goodbye is hard, but they know they will see each other again soon.

As Roz adapts to being alone again, she spends a lot of time doing nothing inside of the lodge. When she wakes from a long rest to find that the harsh weather has made her home cave in, she sets to work to rebuild it. She sees several animals who have frozen due to the unusually harsh winter, and decides she must offer her warm space to those in need. She and the other animals build several lodges so that they can all stay warm, and manage to survive the cold. When spring arrives and Brightbill returns home, he tells Roz of his adventures, including how he found the factory in which Roz was made.

Roz decides to throw a party for her new friends to thank them for making her feel at home as a “wild” robot. The large bonfire attracts an airship filled with RECOS, or combat robots, who have come in search of the missing robots from the storm. The animals all work together to help Roz escape the RECOS, and all of the RECOS are destroyed. However, Roz is badly broken and has lost her limbs; she is now just a torso and a head. Roz knows that more combat robots will come for her, and fears for the safety of her friends. She tells them that she must go with the airship now, so that she can get the repairs that she needs. The animals are saddened, but realize that Roz is right, and that she must go. The friends help Roz onto the ship as she promises to return when she is able. As her new family watches Roz’s ship fly away, they hope with all their hearts that she will come back to them.

The Wild Robot is a wonderful book about love, friendship, family, and courage. To find out what happens to Roz students will enjoy reading the next book, The Wild Robot Escapes, and following Roz on another wild adventure!

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