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Create your own printable, poster-sized games to use in your classroom! Choose from pre-made board game templates or come up with your own from scratch.

If you're assigning this to your students, copy the poster to your account and save. When creating an assignment, just select it as a template!

How to Use Game Boards in the Classroom

It's easy to create printable board game templates for your classroom! Board games can be used for teaching critical thinking and communication skills, whether by helping students learn a new game or having them build and create their own!

Our poster-sized game boards give students more space to create a perfect game. These boards can be laminated and used during lessons or indoor recess. Making a game allows students to learn and present information (try trivia or flash cards), but also lets them explore the complexities of building a game, from the rules to method of gameplay. Creating a narrative from facts and information can prove infinitely more fun and beneficial to understanding!

Make Your Own Board Game Online

Create your own board game by choosing a customizable blank board game template above!

Once you're in the Storyboard Creator, click on any of the elements on the template to change them to fit your needs. Add new images and words to make your poster pop! Don't forget to change the colors or add more! Make the poster your own. When you're done, just hit "Save & Exit"! You can print off your poster from the next screen, or it will be saved to your account.

Happy Creating!

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