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Why Conjugation Posters?

Conjugating verbs and dealing with noun declensions can get tricky for students once different patterns are introduced. Keep it easy and fun with conjugation posters! Adding visuals and text will let students see what the word means (handy if some words sound similar), and see the conjugation of it. They can be generalized if a group of verbs uses the same ending structure, or made specific for the most commonly used words.

Make Conjugation Posters

To make a conjugation poster, choose a template above!

Once you're in the Storyboard Creator, click on any of the elements on the template to change them to fit your needs. Add new images and words to make your poster pop! Don't forget to change the colors or add more! Make the poster your own. When you're done, just hit "Save & Exit"! You can print off your poster from the next screen, or it will be saved to your account.

Happy Creating!

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