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A well-designed lab safety poster is valuable for promoting safe work practices in your laboratory. Storyboard That has a wide range of editable lab safety poster templates that you can use to make a safety message that will get your team's attention.

Why Lab Safety Posters?

Safety in the classroom is especially important in science class. Having fun and easy-to-understand posters helps remind students what they should or shouldn't be doing in the lab. Creating safety posters can also serve as a fun project for students to get familiar with the rules and how to stay safe!

Read on to learn more about our templates and how you can use them to make your classroom a safer place, as well as how our software can help you create other posters, such as class constitution posters, speech therapy posters, and punctuation poster templates.

Creating a Lab Safety Poster Using Templates

Creating a safety poster can be informative and beneficial to those who work in or frequent the laboratory, both in school and in business. Using Storyboard That's helpful templates can speed up and simplify this task.

With these templates, users can generate professional-looking posters that draw attention. Such posters can serve as powerful visual reminders to those working in the laboratory to maintain safety at all times.

Create a Lab Safety Poster with Storyboard That

Creating custom safety posters for science with Storyboard That is an easy and fun process. All you need to do is go to the website, choose from premade backgrounds and layouts, or start from scratch with your own canvas and icons.

Once you have the layout set up, add images that communicate the correct safety procedure. Storyboard That has hundreds of images in the library that can be used to illustrate safe practices like proper clothing, cleaning protocols, and first aid. You can also add text and captions to your poster to give instructions that are specific to your lab.

When finished, you'll have a compelling visual reminder for everyone in the lab. These can also be used for science fair posters.

Tips for Designing an Effective & Eye-Catching Lab Safety Poster

Creating effective science safety posters requires careful thought and consideration. To begin, the audience should be taken into account. To make a clear, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing safety message, you need to know who it is for.

Make sure to use the right color scheme and font. Include some bright colors to draw attention to the image. Stick to 8–12 words per line, use pictures to get your point across quickly, and make sure that any headings or subheadings are all the same size and style. Remember that a good safety science poster gets the point across without using too much text or confusing grammar.

With these tips in mind, you can quickly make a safety poster for science activities that is both eye-catching and useful. Below are a few poster examples to get you started, or check out the poster template gallery for more ideas.

Science Safety Poster Ideas

When it comes to creating an effective lab safety brochure, there are many types that you can explore. Here are a few of the most popular safety poster ideas:

  • Put Safety First – This is an easy to remember slogan and should be featured somewhere prominently on the poster.
  • Classroom Rules Sheet – To explain the rules to the children. Find classroom rules poster templates here.
  • Follow Lab Protocols – Remind everyone of the safety protocols that must be followed in the lab.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing – Emphasize the importance of wearing appropriate clothing and other protective gear.
  • Practice Proper Hygiene – Illustrations on practicing proper hygiene when working with hazardous materials effectively.
  • Class Schedule Poster - Showing everyone's schedule. class schedule poster templates are available at Storyboard That.

How to Make a Lab Safety Poster


Choose One of the Premade Lab Safety Poster Templates

We have color, black and white, portrait, or landscape templates. Take a look at our lab safety poster example for inspiration!


Click on "Copy Template"

Once you do this, you will be directed to the storyboard creator.


Give Your Poster a Name!

Be sure to call it something related to the topic so that you can easily find it in the future.


Edit Your Poster

This is where you will include details, text, images, and make any aesthetic changes that you would like. The options are endless!


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished with your lab safety poster, click this button in the lower right hand corner to exit your storyboard.


Next Steps

From here you can print, download as a PDF, attach it to an assignment and use it digitally, and more!

Happy Creating!

Frequently Asked Questions about Lab Safety Posters

What is a lab safety poster project?

Here are some lab safety poster examples: A project that involves designing a poster to remind lab staff of the importance of following safety protocols, wearing protective clothing, practicing proper hygiene, and keeping work areas clean and tidy. You may also use how to infographic templates to complement the project.

What is the purpose of a lab safety rule poster?

A lab safety rule poster serves as a visual reminder to everyone in the laboratory of the importance of following proper safety protocols. It can also tell people about specific safety rules and information, like how to dress for safety or how to be aware of your surroundings.

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