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Geographic Infographics

Geographic infographic templates allow you to create incredible visuals to showcase data about states, countries, climate, the environment, and much more! They can take a basic research project to the next level and also serve as compelling PSA posters that advocate for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants!

Ideas for Geographic Infographics

  • Showcase data about your home state, like population, exports, land forms, and climate.
  • Display the impact of climate change on the planet.
  • Illustrate facts about a specific country.
  • Display most important exports, population, and more for continents or countries.


  1. Select from the templates above
  2. Click "Copy This Storyboard" to edit and copy to your account
  3. Edit colors, text, and art as desired or assign it to your students as is
  4. Print or download your finished project

Happy Creating!

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