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Exploring Shapes Posters

Delving into the world of geometric shapes is a lesson that offers value across all age groups. From young learners who are just embarking on their mathematical journey, to individuals seeking to reinforce and expand their understanding of shapes, the study of geometry is foundational to a comprehensive math education. Shapes posters for preschool and beyond serve as invaluable tools in this educational exploration.

Steps to Make Posters For Classroom Activities

  1. Select Your Shapes: Choose a variety of 2D and 3D shapes that you want to feature on your shape posters for classroom. For a geometric shapes poster, this could include geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, cubes, spheres, and more. Consider using pre-cut poster board shapes for convenience.

  2. Gather Materials: Collect the necessary materials, including a large poster board or paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and any other decorative items you'd like to use for your shape poster. You can also search for shapes poster printables if you prefer a pre-designed template.

  3. Design Your Poster: Lay out your selected shapes on the poster board in an organized and visually appealing manner. Make sure to label each shape with its name, using clear, easy-to-read fonts. Utilize different colors or fonts to make the names stand out, creating attractive posters for classroom activities.

  4. Add Visual Elements: Enhance the poster's educational value by including visual examples of real-world objects that correspond to each shape. For instance, show how a triangle can resemble a slice of pizza or how a cylinder is similar to a can of soup. Pre cut poster board shapes are fun and easy to use!

  5. Interactive Features (Optional): If you want to make the poster more engaging, consider incorporating interactive elements. For example, add touch-and-feel textures to the shapes or create flaps that reveal additional information when lifted. This can be especially beneficial for a preschool shapes poster.

  6. Testing and Display: Before using your poster in the classroom, gather feedback from other educators or students to ensure its effectiveness. Once it's ready, proudly display your shapes poster for the classroom, where it can serve as a valuable teaching aid for students of all ages.

Worksheet Ideas

  • Create 3D Shape Nets: Provide templates for 3D shape nets (the flat patterns that can be folded to create 3D shapes). Students can cut them out, fold, and assemble the 3D shapes, then attach them to the 3D poster.

  • Shape Scavenger Hunt: A good idea for a 2D poster activity is to have students create a "Shape Scavenger Hunt." Provide them with a list of common 2D shapes (e.g., circle, triangle, square) and ask them to search their surroundings, both inside and outside the classroom, to find objects that match those shapes. Once they've collected items or taken photos, they can collaborate to create a visually appealing 2D poster by affixing the examples to the respective shapes on the poster.

  • Shape Sorting Game: Provide a variety of objects or picture cards representing different shapes. Have students sort and categorize them onto the appropriate sections of the poster.

  • Mystery Shape Box: Place a shape or object inside a box with a hole just big enough to put a hand through. Students reach inside, feel the shape, and then guess which shape it is. They can mark their guess on the poster.

  • Build with Shapes: Give students geometric shapes (e.g. wooden blocks or plastic shapes) and challenge them to use these shapes to construct different structures or pictures on a large geometric poster.

  • Shape Storytelling: Encourage students to create stories or pictures using shapes on the poster. They can tell a story about a square house, a circular sun, and a triangular tree, for example.

  • Shape Hunt in the Real World: Take students on a walk around the school or community to find real-life examples of shapes. They can then draw or paste these findings on the poster.

Useful Storyboard That Links and Resources

Storyboard That offers a variety of shapes poster printable free worksheets for download, making it easy for educators to enhance their classroom materials with engaging visuals. Take a look at more worksheet and poster templates built for easy and simple lesson planning.

How to Make a Shapes Poster


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Next Steps

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Happy Creating!

Frequently Asked Questions about Shapes Posters

How can I decide which shapes to include on my classroom poster?

Consider the age and grade level of your students. For preschool, focus on basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. For older students, include more complex shapes like cylinders and pyramids.

Can a shapes poster be used to teach other concepts beyond shape recognition?

Yes, you can incorporate additional educational content, such as formulas for calculating the area or perimeter of specific shapes, to make it more informative for older students.

What is the ideal size for a shapes poster in a classroom setting?

The size of your poster will depend on the available wall space and the viewing distance. It should be large enough for all students to see the shapes clearly.

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