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Geometric Solids Lesson Plans

Mathematics is not all about numbers on a page. Architects, engineers, artists, product designers, and others use planar and spatial geometry constantly. Most children use planar and spatial geometry every day! There are many things we just don’t think about in terms of mathematics, but intuitively interact with and understand them. Learning about solid shapes is a first step into understanding three dimensions and spatial reasoning, as well as more complex topics such as mass, weight, volume, density, positions in space, translation, rotation, revolution, forces in physics, and so many others.

Student Activities for Geometric Solids

This resource is intended as a review for students in second and third grade, but some parts are probably more for the teacher! While the standards are for K-2, additional information has been included for teacher understanding or for extension learning. Simplify wording in storyboards to suit the needs of your students.

These activities can also be modified for middle school students when they continue their geometric education and forge into calculating volume and density. Flashcards can be expanded to include formulas, easy worksheets can be created to help students practice their calculations, and like with every activity on Storyboard That, things can be scaffolded or differentiated to help accommodate all students.

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