Activity Overview

Flashcards are a great way to reinforce new concepts, especially in regards to identifying shapes and parts of them. This activity can be done either by creating a deck for the class or having students create their own and practicing with classmates. Creating their own allows students to take ownership of their learning and allows you as the teacher to see what students have deemed important to review. Consider mixing both 2D and 3D concepts to make the flashcards more challenging and provide review of past concepts so students can see how it interacts with what they're learning now.

Clicking "Use This Assignment With My Students" will copy the example storyboard into your account. You can then add more cells, and create a full set of flashcards to print and pass out to your students. You are also able to assign it as a template for students to create their own. For more flashcard templates to use or add to this assignment, check out our flashcard templates gallery.

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