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Students already know how many sides are in a square, but do they know how many edges or faces are on a cube? With this worksheet, you'll want to introduce students to the concepts of faces, edges, and vertices. This activity asks students to practice drawing the shapes based on how many faces, edges, and vertices are on each polyhedron.

Clicking "Use This Assignment" will copy the worksheet into your teacher account. While you can choose to assign this to students on Storyboard That, the worksheet is made to be printed out! Feel free to edit any of it as desired to ask additional questions or provide different instructions. Once you've finished, save and print!

To provide scaffolding or additional help on this worksheet, you can provide students with two faces of the shape they will draw and have them connect the vertices. You can also completely skip the drawing portion and drag shapes from the Storyboard Creator into the boxes. You may also want to let students have real 3D shapes they can count the faces of and use as reference for drawing while they complete this worksheet.

For students who may need help figuring out how to draw geometric solids, you can refer to this handy instructional comic!


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