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Resume Infographics

Resume infographic templates allow you to create colorful and striking resumes that highlight your education, work experience, and achievements in a dynamic and visually appealing way. Students can also learn the art of resume writing as a way to advertise yourself and your full potential to prospective employers. Students can practice resume writing and focus on all that they have achieved, or they can do a variety of creative writing or informative writing projects using our engaging resume templates!

Ideas for Resume Infographics

  • Write your own resume to advertise your skills and experience to prospective employers.
  • Create a pretend resume for a highly qualified candidate to practice the art of resume writing.
  • Write about all you hope to accomplish in the future by writing the "resume of your dreams".
  • Write a resume for one of the main characters in a novel.
  • Write a resume for an important figure from history.


  1. Select from the templates above
  2. Click "Copy This Storyboard" to edit and copy to your account
  3. Edit colors, text, and art as desired or assign it to your students as is
  4. Print or download your finished project

Happy Creating!

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