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If you're assigning this to your students, copy the worksheet to your account and save. When creating an assignment, just select it as a template!

What is a Resume?

A resume is a brief, formal document that provides an overview of an individual's professional qualifications, including their work history, skills, and educational background of job seekers. It's typically used in job applications to convey to potential employers how the applicant's experiences and abilities align with the requirements of the job title they're applying for. This key tool in job searching serves as a personal marketing instrument, presenting a compelling snapshot of the candidate's career trajectory and professional competencies.

Maximize Potential with Resume Templates and Resume Examples

With the competitive nature of today's job market, having a well-structured and professional resume is more critical than ever, regardless of what position you are searching for. It can make the difference between landing an interview for a dream job or being overlooked when you job search. This is where Storyboard That comes in with its comprehensive collection of outline worksheet templates and resume worksheets designed to cater to a range of preferences and needs for all potential jobs.

Whether your students prefer a modern resume template with sleek lines and bold colors, a simple resume template focusing on clarity and conciseness, or a creative resume template that allows their unique personalities to shine through, Storyboard That has the perfect solution. Our free resume templates are not only visually appealing but also structured to highlight the most important sections of a resume, such as the skills section, job responsibilities, and work experience.

Storyboard That's resume worksheets are designed to guide your students in presenting their qualifications effectively. Each template follows a professional resume format that helps students organize their information in a way that is easy to read and digest. This structure ensures that potential employers can quickly find the information they need when reviewing the job application.

Furthermore, we provide free resume samples to give your students examples of well-crafted resumes. These samples can serve as an inspiration, helping students understand what information to include in each section and how to present it effectively.

By introducing Storyboard That's resume templates into your lessons, you're equipping your students with the tools they need to create compelling resumes that will set them apart in their future job applications. Encourage your students to explore our diverse range of resume ready templates and find the one that best suits their personal style and the position they're applying for.

How to Use Professional Resume Templates in Your Classroom

As an educator, you have a unique opportunity to equip students with the practical skills they need to learn in order to succeed in the world beyond the classroom. One such essential skill is resume writing. By introducing professional resume templates into your lessons, you can empower your students to effectively communicate their accomplishments, awards, goals, abilities, and career aspirations to potential employers.

Here's how to use a professional resume in your classroom:

  • Introduce the Basics of Resume Writing: Start by explaining what a resume is and its purpose. Discuss the importance of presenting relevant information clearly and professionally. Show them a few professional resume examples to illustrate the typical layout and sections of a resume, including job title, contact information, objective statement, education, work history, and skills. Our “create a dream resume” guide can be a great resource for this.
  • Use Resume Worksheets: Resume worksheets can be a helpful tool to guide students through the process of creating their first resume. These worksheets break down each section of the resume and provide prompts to help students think about what information to include. You could also use a blank worksheet template to customize the process to your students' specific needs.
  • Discuss the Importance of a Cover Letter: A cover letter is often sent along with a resume. Explain to your students why it's important and how it provides an opportunity to express their interest in a specific job or career field. Show them examples of effective cover letters.
  • Highlight Accomplishments and Abilities: Encourage students to think about their accomplishments and abilities that would be relevant to potential hiring managers. This could include academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or any specific skills or abilities they possess. Our images and text worksheets could be used to help students visualize and organize these details.
  • Role Play Job Applications: Create a mock job application process for various careers. Have students use the professional resume templates and their completed resume worksheets to apply for their dream job. This will not only make the activity more engaging but also give students a taste of real-world job applications.
  • Review and Provide Feedback: Once students have created their resumes, take the time to review each one. Provide constructive feedback on the content, layout, and overall presentation. This can be a valuable learning opportunity for students to improve their resume writing skills.

Resume Layout and Editing with Our Online Resume Maker

Storyboard That's online resume maker takes the stress out of creating a perfect resume template. Even for first-time users, it's a straightforward tool that makes the resume creation process smooth and efficient. Here's how our resume maker can enhance your classroom activities:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Our resume maker is designed with an intuitive interface that anyone can use. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, students can easily select, move, and edit the different components of their resumes.
  • Customizable Templates: With an array of best resume templates at your fingertips, students can pick and choose the layout that best suits their needs. Each template is fully customizable, allowing students to make their resumes as unique as they are.
  • Relevant Content Highlighting: The resume maker allows students to easily highlight the most relevant parts of their work history, skills, and education. This helps to make their resumes more targeted and effective for their specific job applications.
  • Eye-Catching Design: A well-designed resume can catch a recruiter's eye, and our online resume generator helps students achieve just that. With a range of modern and professional designs, students can create resumes that stand out from the crowd.
  • Save Time: Crafting a resume from scratch can be time-consuming. But with our resume builder, students can create a polished, professional resume in no time. This lets them focus more on the content and less on the layout and design.
  • Easy Editing: Our online resume maker is not just for creating resumes. It's also a powerful editing tool. Students can easily go back and edit their resumes as they gain more experiences and skills, ensuring their resumes are always up-to-date.

How to Make a Resume Worksheet


Choose One of the Premade Templates

We have lots of templates to choose from. Take a look at our example for inspiration!


Click on "Copy Template"

Once you do this, you will be directed to the storyboard creator.


Give Your Worksheet a Name!

Be sure to call it something related to the topic so that you can easily find it in the future.


Edit Your Worksheet

This is where you will include directions, specific images, and make any aesthetic changes that you would like. The options are endless.


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished, click this button in the lower right hand corner to exit your storyboard.


Next Steps

From here you can print, download as a PDF, attach it to an assignment and use it digitally, and more!

Happy Creating!

Frequently Asked Questions Resume Worksheets

Are there free resume templates available for students on Storyboard That?

Absolutely! Storyboard That provides a wide selection of free resume templates tailored for students. These templates are available in a range of designs and formats, designed to suit various career aspirations and skill levels. We invite you to sign up for a 2-week free trial to explore these resources and see how they can benefit your students.

How to layout a resume worksheet for my students?

When students are creating their resume, the layout should be clear, structured, and professional. Begin with the contact information at the top, followed by an objective statement or personal summary. As students might not have extensive work history, they can list any relevant work experience, internships, or volunteer work next in reverse chronological order. This should be followed by their education details. Lastly, they should include any additional skills or qualifications, such as language proficiency or computer skills. Our resume builder is an excellent tool that can guide students through the process of effectively laying out a resume.

How should a professional resume look?

A professional resume should be well-structured, clear, and concise. It should include your contact information, a strong objective statement, a detailed work history, your education, and relevant skills. The formatting should be consistent throughout, with the use of professional fonts and sizes.

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