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Scientific Method Worksheet Templates

What are Scientific Method Printable Worksheets?

The scientific method is a process or method of research. Although the scientific method can be defined in many ways, the five general steps of this method are as follows: ask a question or determine the problem, conduct research and gather information, form a hypothesis from your investigation, test the hypothesis, and make a conclusion. Scientific method handouts are the perfect tools for students to record all of these important steps so that all of their data is organized and in one place. As they go through this process, students will feel like young scientists who are ready to explore and hypothesize all kinds of experiments and activities!

Why are they important and how are they best used?

While open-ended exploration, investigation planning, and recording is an important skill, students benefit from structured notes and a predictable process, especially in the earlier grades. Specifically teaching the steps of the scientific method before implementing them is recommended by our team of teachers, and will help students navigate the process with ease. Storyboard That makes is easy to customize and print scientific method worksheets to go along with your science experiments, that are specifically designed to fit the needs of your students.

Scientific Method Worksheets

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