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What are Flashcards?

Flashcards are a tool used in many disciplines to promote cognitive recall and fact fluency. There are usually two parts to flashcards, but they will vary based on complexity and level. Some flashcards will be a picture on one side and a word on the other, and other flashcards may have a term and a definition or process. Students look at one flashcard at a time, trying to remember an answer or other association.

Why are they important and how are they best used?

Flashcards can be used for any subject but are particularly useful for definitions, math facts, or identification of people or events. Flashcards help students through repetition, exposing them to the same information again and again in succession. These cards can be shuffled at random, or separated into different groups based on student level or mastery.

Flashcard Templates

To make custom flashcards, choose a template above! Once you're in the Storyboard Creator, click on each of the elements on the template to change them to fit your needs. When you're done, hit "Save & Exit"! You can print your worksheet right away, or simply keep it in your storyboard library until you are ready to use it.

Happy Creating!

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