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Customize Hall Pass Templates

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Custom Hall Pass Templates | Classroom Resources

When it comes to hall passes for schools, there are a lot of different options out there. But what if you could create your own custom passes using an online tool like Storyboard That? With this software, you can easily design professional-looking passes that can be used for any purpose. So why not give it a try?

What are Hall Pass Worksheets?

Hall Passes are key to making sure students go to and from places like the library, nurse's office, front office, and more. They can be customized to match the theme of your classroom and style, and are easy to print more if students lose or damage them!

Why Are They Important and How Are They Best Used?

Our Hall Pass templates provide dazzling examples of patterns and designs that teachers can personalize to suit their own individual style. They are easy to print out, cut, laminate and use again and again!

Hall passes are essential documents issued by schools that allow students to move about the school during class time. This helps maintain order, effectively manage student flow, and reduce class disruption by ensuring that students who have permission to be outside their assigned classroom are identifiable.

Schools can provide a safe distance learning environment for all their students by ensuring that passes are correctly used. Hall passes may be issued temporarily or handed out regularly in schools with open classrooms or flexible scheduling policies.

Why Schools Need Hall Passes

Hall passes help schools achieve a variety of goals. They are used to maintain order and reduce classroom disruption, ensure that students have permission to be outside their assigned classroom, monitor student flow, and identify students who may not belong in certain areas of the school.

Hall school passes also provide evidence that students have permission to leave their class during specific times or to participate in activities outside of the classroom. This information can be valuable to schools when they need to account for student attendance or investigate an incident that occurred during class time.

How Hall Passes Help Teachers

Hall passes are an essential tool for teachers. Because they provide evidence of permission to leave the classroom, they help other teachers maintain order and reduce disruption in the school. Additionally, classroom forms can be used to monitor student flow, ensuring that students are where they should be when they should be.

School passes also help teachers identify students who may be wandering the halls without permission or in areas of the school that are off-limits to them. This helps teachers ensure that their students are safe and secure, which is one of the primary goals of any school.

How Hall Passes Help Students

Hall passes allow students to get permission to move about the school during class time. By providing evidence of this permission, passes help students feel more secure and confident in their ability to move about the school safely. Students may feel nervous that a fire alarm will take place while they are out of the classroom, and a hall pass will help them feel assured that they are accounted for.

Hall passes also help students identify which areas of the school they are allowed to be in, which helps them stay safe and out of trouble. For students who participate in extracurricular activities, passes provide permission to leave their class and participate in activities they may not otherwise have been able to attend.

How Hall Passes Help Schools

Hall school passes are an invaluable tool for schools. By ensuring that all students have permission to leave their class during specific times, hall school passes help schools maintain order and reduce disruption; thus, the classroom forms better overall student grades.

Hall school passes help maintain student safety by monitoring student flow and ensuring students are not wandering the halls without permission. This is great for parents who may worry about their child’s safety while at school.

Are Hall Passes Beneficial to Student Behavior and Learning?

Hall passes can be a great tool to improve student behavior and learning. By providing evidence of permission to leave the classroom during certain times, passes can help students understand when and where they can go. This will help keep them out of trouble and allow them to explore and participate in activities they may not have been able to attend otherwise.

Hall passes prevent disruptions to the classroom as much as possible, which benefits both students and teachers. By helping reduce disruption, passes help create a more conducive learning environment where students can focus on learning without distractions. This overall approach will have a positive impact on student grades and classroom interaction.

How to Ensure Hall Passes Are Used Appropriately

Hall passes are an important tool, but they should be used responsibly. To ensure that passes are being used appropriately, schools need to have a clear policy that outlines when printable hall passes can be used and how they should be used.

Schools must ensure that students are using hall passes responsibly and not taking advantage of the system. To do this, schools can limit how many times a student can use a printable hall pass in a given period, and they can set guidelines on what activities the passes can be used for.

Finally, schools must monitor the use of printable hall passes to ensure students use the system effectively. Tracking the use of passes can help schools ensure that their students are safe and secure and receive the education they need.

How to Monitor School Hall Passes

Schools should use an automated system to track and monitor hall and bathroom passes. This will allow schools to track when and where students are using the passes and which activities they are being used for.

Schools should ensure that teachers and administrators know the printable pass policy and how to use the tracking system. This will help ensure that all school staff are on the same page regarding hall school pass use, and this will help schools identify when students are misusing hall school passes.

How to Track Printable Hall Pass Use

There are a few simple methods to track the use of hall and bathroom passes. One way is to assign each student a unique printable hall pass room number that they must use when signing out of the classroom.

Schools can also use an online tracking system to monitor hall school pass to use. This can allow schools to track when and where each student uses the hall school pass, as well as which activities they are participating in.

How Can Storyboard That Help With Creating Hall Passes for Schools?

Storyboard That is an invaluable resource for schools that need help creating free printable hall passes. The platform allows teachers to quickly and easily customize images, text, and graphics through user-friendly drag-and-drop design. The platform's drag-and-drop design makes it easy for teachers to change images, text, and graphics quickly and easily. With Storyboard That, passes can be as unique or uniform as the school dictates.

Students will like the designs, and school administrators will like the systematized templates that make behavior expectations consistent and make it easier to manage how people move around the building. What a simple but powerful way for educators to assign work and grant permission for students to move freely without spending tons of time on it.

Our Hall Pass Template Features

Storyboard That is an excellent choice for schools seeking teacher hall pass template software with its helpful features and graphic organizers. The software enables easy design customization by allowing teachers and administrators to create branded templates for issuing passes.

Furthermore, staff members can keep track of student hall pass templates. Storyboard That includes printable versions of the created hall school pass templates, so they can be printed out in quantity or as needed.

As an added convenience, the platform allows students to quickly generate their own passes when needed by logging into their respective accounts. Overall, Storyboard That's Pass Software for templates is an ideal choice for school settings due to its efficient functionality and customizability.

You can choose from a range of pre-set designs already within our software. All you have to do is input the school's information, select a design, and customize it with your own flair. With Storyboard That you can create professional-looking hall school passes in no time. The drag-and-drop function makes it quick and easy to create visually appealing designs that are sure to impress without the need for design or computing experience.

The Benefits of Using StoryBoard That

Using the software is extremely easy and efficient. Users can set up their passes with a few clicks in no time. The intuitive design ensures that anyone can use the platform with ease. At the same time, the detailed guides and visual tutorials provide a comprehensive introduction to each feature, even for less experienced users.

Using Storyboard That to create school passes or other types of hallway passes has many hidden benefits that may only sometimes be apparent. From a teacher's perspective, they can easily personalize the pass depending on the student’s needs with custom images, text, and templates, allowing them to tailor it directly to the student.

In addition, Storyboard That is an excellent way for younger students or those with special needs to remember what they need to do outside the classroom. Not only that, but creating passes through this program is also an effective way for teachers to track students when they leave the room.

What Hall Pass Templates We Offer

We offer various pass templates to fit your classroom's needs. Choose from multiple designs and themes that you can customize with text, images, and graphics. Whether you are looking for a standard hallway template or something more unique, our templates give you the flexibility to create something sure to fit your needs.

Our Selection Includes:

  • Library Pass
  • Nurse Pass Templates & Nurse Passes
  • Bathroom Pass Templates
  • Office / Hall School Pass
  • Restroom Pass Templates

Completely Editable Hall Passes

Although our templates have already been designed, you can customize them as much or as little as you want. This means you can create a hall pass for students for anything at all.


Creating a personalized pass is simple with Storyboard That. Here are some of the hall pass examples that you can create:

  • A “Name Badge” template with a photo of the student and add your name
  • A “Permission To Leave” pass with a customizable expiration time
  • Nurse passes to grant access to see the school nurse
  • An “Early Dismissal” template to grant early departures
  • A “Visitor Pass” for visitors, volunteers, and parents
  • A “Pass To The Library” template to grant access to the library
  • A “Lab Pass” for students working in the lab

School Year Activities Involving Hall Electronic and Printable Pass Creation

Some schools even use this aspect of Storyboard That for fun and educational activities. For example, students can customize their own pass different templates to suit their needs.

Here are some example activities you could do in your classroom when creating passes:

  • Have students create a hall school pass that represents their interests or hobbies.
  • Have students create a template for another student to use.
  • Create a pass competition, where students have to design the most creative pass.
  • Incorporate pass design into IT or Art lessons.

You can find more examples to work from in our worksheet template gallery.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Creating hall school passes with Storyboard That is a great way to save time, effort, and money. All you need to do is input the school's information, select a design, and customize it with your own flair. With Storyboard That you can create professional-looking passes in no time. The intuitive design and templates make it easy to create passes with little to no experience needed. Plus, you can easily track and monitor student behavior outside the classroom with our hall school pass maker with different types of passes:

Cafeteria Passes

In addition to regular hallway passes, Storyboard That also supports the creation of cafeteria passes. These are especially useful for students who need special meal accommodations or who have food allergies.

The same easy-to-use interface gives you the ability to customize these cafeteria passes with text, images, and graphics. You can even add expiration times so that students know when the pass needs to be returned.

Location Dependent Passes

If you have multiple campuses or schools, Storyboard That can help you create passes for the different locations. It's easy to customize your pass different templates with the name and address of the area in question. With this feature, it's even easier for students to quickly identify where they are allowed to go.

Teacher Name Badges

You can also make badges with teacher names. The last thing students want on their first day of school is to forget the teacher's names, so this is a great way to get the instructions flowing smoothly.

These are also great for introducing a new student to the classroom or just making sure that everyone is on the same page. It's easy to customize these name badges for any teacher with your school's information and the teacher's photo and contact information. Plus, you can store them securely in our library for future use.

Other Storyboard That Uses

StoryBoard That is not only used for hallway pass creation. There are a variety of resources available for both students and teachers to use. We have everything from classroom activity worksheets to teacher planning resources. We are a comprehensive platform for schools to streamline their teaching processes and really connect with their students.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, understanding what hall electronic passes are and why schools use them is important for teachers, administrators, and parents. Storyboard That gives a great way to make free printable hall passes for any school activity.

The software offers user-friendly features such as customizable templates, a library of hall pass clipart to use, cloud storage options for saving drafts and completed projects, easy sharing capabilities, a quick pass creation time, and more that make it the perfect solution for school usage.

This software can also be used outside of hall electronic passes in other areas, such as behavior management or project collaboration. Overall, Storyboard That's school hall pass template free software helps make it simpler to create comprehensive passes that look professional while also having great versatility in its use cases.

Are you looking for a high-quality and efficient way to create passes that look professional while also having great versatility in their use cases?

Look no further than Storyboard That! Try it out today and enjoy the many benefits this user-friendly software offers.

How to Make Hall Passes Using a Storyboard That Template


Choose One of the Premade Hall Pass Templates

We have color and black and white landscape templates. Take a look at our hall pass example for inspiration!


Click on "Copy Template"

Once you do this, you will be directed to the storyboard creator.


Give Your Worksheet a Name!

Be sure to call it something related to the topic so that you can easily find it in the future.


Edit Your Worksheet

This is where you will include directions, specific questions and images, and make any aesthetic changes that you would like. The options are endless!


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished with your hall pass worksheet, click this button in the lower right hand corner to exit your storyboard.


Next Steps

From here you can print, download as a PDF, attach it to an assignment and use it digitally, and more!

Happy Creating!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hall Passes

How do I use printable passes?

Hall passes can be used in various ways, such as behavior management or project collaboration. Print the passes out and use them when needed.

What is a pass for students?

A hall school pass is a permission slip for students to leave the classroom for brief periods of time, such as for using the restroom or attending a meeting.

Are hall passes necessary?

Yes, hall passes are necessary to ensure that students leaving the classroom are accounted for and to help provide a safe learning environment.

Are Storyboard That hall passes customizable?

Yes, Storyboard That hall passes are customizable and come with various features, such as customizable templates, a clipart library, cloud storage options, easy sharing capabilities, a quick pass creation time, and more.

Do schools need a hall pass generator?

Yes, a hall school pass generator makes it easy to create professional-looking passes quickly and efficiently. Storyboard That is an excellent choice for schools to use for this purpose. It is user-friendly and has many features that make it a great solution.

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