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Before and After Worksheet Templates

What are Before and After Worksheets?

Before and after worksheets are graphic organizers that help students keep track of how something or someone has changed over time or after an event. They are perfect for a variety of subjects and units. They are educational tools designed to reinforce the concept of sequencing or chronological order. They provide kids with a visual representation of a sequence of events, numbers, or objects, and challenge them to identify what comes before and after a specific element in the given sequence. These worksheets help develop critical thinking habits, enhance cognitive abilities, and strengthen logical reasoning.

Why Are They Important and How Are They Best Used?

They can be used to show how a character, group of people, or a setting has changed after an event in a novel, how a place has changed over time in history, how molecules change in science, and so on. They can even be used for number sense in math!

They play a vital role in the educational journey for several reasons. They:

  • Promote Sequencing Skills: Learners develop a fundamental understanding of sequencing and the concept of order. This skill is crucial for various subjects, including math, reading comprehension, science, and storytelling.
  • Enhance Critical Thinking: These worksheets encourage students to analyze and evaluate information, stimulating their critical thinking abilities. They must carefully observe the given sequence, identify the position of elements, and make logical connections.
  • Strengthen Problem-Solving Skills: They present a challenge that requires problem-solving. By being able to answer what comes before and after a given element, children learn to analyze patterns, apply logical reasoning, and find solutions independently.
  • Foster Language Development: These worksheets provide opportunities for language enrichment. As students work through the sequences and articulate their understanding, they develop vocabulary, strengthen sentence structure, and improve communication skills.

Benefits of Using Before and After Worksheets

Using these handouts in the classroom brings forth a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Conceptual Understanding: They provide a concrete representation of sequencing, enabling learners to grasp the concept more easily and develop a solid foundation in logical order.
  • Cognitive Development: Children exercise their cognitive abilities, including observation, analysis, and problem-solving, fostering intellectual growth.
  • Skill Transfer: Proficiency in sequencing acquired through before and after worksheets can be transferred to various academic subjects, such as math, language arts, science, and history, enhancing overall academic performance.
  • Independent Learning: They empower kids to work at their own pace, encouraging autonomy, self-directed learning, and the development of study habits.
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: These worksheets offer an interactive approach to learning, capturing students' attention and making the educational experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Enhancing Early Math Skills with Before and After Numbers Worksheets

Before and after numbers worksheets for preschoolers are valuable math worksheets for teaching numerical concepts to preschoolers and kindergarten children. These worksheets provide practice opportunities to enhance number recognition, sequencing numbers, and understanding numerical order. With various activities and exercises to complete, they support children in developing essential skills for math readiness.

One way to utilize before and after numbers worksheets is to create before and after worksheets using free templates, a before and after maker, or online resources. You can find before and after templates for free or use worksheet makers or a before and after generator to design worksheets tailored to your specific teaching objectives. These tools allow you to input the numbers, choose the format, and include additional activities or instructions.

When using before and after worksheets, it's important to consider the learning needs and abilities of all learners. Preschoolers and kindergarten children may benefit from hands-on activities that involve filling in the missing numbers, using number lines to identify before and after numbers, or engaging in interactive games that reinforce number recognition. These activities provide a practical and engaging approach to teaching before and after concepts.

To teach kids before and after numbers effectively, it's helpful to incorporate a variety of activities beyond number worksheets. Engaging in hands-on activities for teaching numbers before and after, such as number line games, fill-in-the-missing sequence exercises, and interactive worksheets, fosters an interactive and effective learning experience.

Enhancing Learning Across Subjects

There are several ways that teachers can use these tools across different subject areas. By demonstrating the cross-curricular applications of before and after worksheets, teachers can showcase their versatility and reinforce important concepts across different subject areas. This approach promotes a holistic and integrated approach to learning, allowing students to see the relevance of the before and after concept in various disciplines. It also provides opportunities for students to practice and apply their understanding of before and after in different contexts, strengthening their overall comprehension and retention of the concept.

Teachers can demonstrate the versatile use of before and after worksheets, including before and after number printable worksheets, across different subject areas in the following ways:


Teachers can use these free worksheets to teach numerical concepts, such as number sequencing, numerical order, and missing numbers. Students can practice identifying numbers that come before and after a given number, filling in a missing number sequence, or arranging numbers in order. These activities strengthen their math while reinforcing the concept of before and after.

Language Arts

They can be incorporated into language arts lessons to reinforce the concept of chronological order in storytelling or writing. Students can use the worksheets to organize events in a story or narrative in the correct sequence, ensuring a logical flow and coherence in their writing. This helps develop their writing and their understanding of the before and after concept in a literary context.


They can be valuable in science classes to teach the concept of cause and effect. Students can analyze scenarios or experiments, identifying the before and after effects of different variables or changes. This helps develop critical thinking and an understanding of cause-effect relationships, which are essential in scientific inquiry.

Social Studies

They can be used in social studies to explore historical timelines and events. Kids can use the worksheets to place historical events or figures in the correct chronological order, aiding in the comprehension and retention of historical facts and sequences. This activity enhances their understanding of historical contexts and the sequence of events.


In music education, these handouts can be utilized to teach musical notation and rhythm. Students can practice identifying the beats that come before and after a given note or rest, helping them develop a strong sense of musical timing and rhythmical accuracy. This activity enhances their musical understanding while reinforcing the concept of before and after in a musical context.

Physical Education

These tools can be used in physical education to teach movement sequences or exercises. Students can follow the instructions on the worksheet, performing actions in the correct order, promoting coordination, and reinforcing the concept of sequential movements. This activity enhances their motor skills while reinforcing the concept of before and after in a physical context.

How To Make Before And After Worksheets


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Give Your Worksheet a Name!

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Edit Your Worksheet

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Click "Save and Exit"

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Next Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions About Before and After Worksheets

How do before and after worksheets help children learn numbers?

They help children learn numbers by providing practice in identifying numbers that come before and after a given number, filling in missing numbers, and sequencing numbers. They reinforce number recognition, numerical order, and help develop counting, number recognition, and sequencing skills in preschoolers and kindergarten children.

What are some practical ways to reinforce the concepts of before and after in everyday life?

Practical ways to reinforce the concepts of before and after in everyday life include discussing the order of daily activities, organizing objects or toys in sequential order, and involving children in activities that require following steps or instructions. This can be done through games, daily routines, and hands-on experiences that encourage children to apply the concepts of before and after to real-life situations.

Can before and after worksheets be used for older students to reinforce number sense and arithmetic skills?

Yes, they can be used for older students to reinforce number sense and arithmetic skills. They can be adapted to practice number patterns, number operations, or solving equations with missing numbers. By incorporating more complex numbers and mathematical operations, before and after worksheets can cater to the needs of older students and reinforce their understanding of numerical concepts. Use our before and after creator to make your own today!

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