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If you're assigning this to your students, copy the worksheet to your account and save. When creating an assignment, just select it as a template!

What are Table Worksheets?

Table worksheets are extremely versatile and open-ended. A page dedicated to a table - a simple box with rows and columns - can be used for a wide variety of graphic organizers and activities.

Why are they important and how are they best used?

We use tables to display information all the time in most subjects and in daily life. A table with rows and columns is a very orderly and clear way to separate data into digestible pieces. Row and column headers group like information, so we can focus on a single cell, row, or column to find the information we need, or see the relationship between cells.

Table Worksheet Templates

To make a table worksheet, choose a template above! Once you're in the Storyboard Creator, click on each of the elements on the template to change them to fit your needs. When you're done, hit "Save & Exit"! You can print your worksheet right away, or simply keep it in your storyboard library until you are ready to use it.

Happy Creating!

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