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Customize Newspaper Templates

If you're assigning this to your students, copy the poster to your account and save. When creating an assignment, just select it as a template!

What is a Newspaper Poster Project?

A newspaper poster project is an engaging activity that teachers can assign as an end of unit activity, or at any point during the learning process. Students will create their own newspaper page using a template to get started. Kids will come up with lots of newspaper poster ideas that are sure to impress!

Get the feel of a larger folded newspaper format by having students create newspapers on an 11x17 layout! Our premium templates are perfect for fictional summaries, historical events, and even school newspapers. A newspaper project template lets students get creative while recounting events, and they're easily adapted to fit any subject, from Science to ELA!

Benefits of Newspaper Poster Projects in the Classroom

This type of project benefits learning in the classroom because students can express themselves creatively, while not having to stress about drawing their own art! With the ability to print and have students work by hand, or use digitally, teachers are able to differentiate based upon the needs of individual students. Since there are so many newspaper templates, or you can create a newspaper poster design from scratch using the newspaper maker, students and teachers will no doubt find whatever they are looking for!

How to Make a Newspaper Poster


Choose One of the Premade Newspaper Poster Templates

We have lots of amazing templates to choose from. Take a look at our newspaper poster example for inspiration!


Click on "Copy Template"

Once you do this, you will be directed to the storyboard creator.


Give Your Poster a Name!

Be sure to call it something related to the topic so that you can easily find it in the future.


Edit Your Poster

This is where you will include details, text, images, and make any aesthetic changes that you would like. The options are endless!


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished with your newspaper poster, click this button in the lower right hand corner to exit your storyboard.


Next Steps

From here you can print, download as a PDF, attach it to an assignment and use it digitally, and more!

Other Premade Templates Your Students Will Love

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Happy Creating!

Frequently Asked Questions about Newspaper Poster Templates

What are newspaper templates?

A newspaper template is a starting point for a newspaper project for students. Rather than beginning with a blank poster sized poster, we give you lots of ideas to start with. When students get to choose their own editable newspaper template, they enjoy the assignment so much more and are engaged and excited to create something amazing.

How do I create a newspaper for a school project?

If you are wondering how to create a newspaper for a school project, look no further! Storyboard That has tons of templates to help you get started. Here is how to make a newspaper:

  1. Copy a template from Storyboard That’s library.
  2. Give your newspaper template a name in the newspaper creator.
  3. Use the template as a starting point, but feel free to change the layout to fit the needs of your own newspaper article! The newspaper maker tool has lots to choose from.
  4. Add images, headings, and text.
  5. Save and exit out of the newspaper creator, and print or display digitally!

Can you make your own newspaper?

Great question! Of course you can! In order to make a whole newspaper, rather than just one page, simply save multiple templates to give each page a unique layout. Edit your newspaper design as you wish in our newspaper generator.

Can I use free newspaper templates?

Yes, you can! Simply sign up for a 2 week free trial and copy as many free templates into your storyboard library as you would like!

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