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Of Plymouth Plantation Lesson Plans

Begun in 1630 and completed in 1647, William Bradford’s account of the Pilgrims’ journey, survival, and flourishing in the New World is considered by historians to be one of the most accurate historical accounts of the Plymouth Colony. The manuscript was passed down through the family, lost, and eventually recovered in England. It was not published until 1847.

Student Activities for Of Plymouth Plantation

Essential Questions for Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

  1. How can faith be essential for survival?
  2. What makes a community unified? Why is a unified community important?
  3. Why is consensus important when establishing a new government?
  4. How is the idea of hard work reaping rewards an important facet of the American Dream?
  5. What aspects of a narrative makes the narrator reliable? What makes a narrator unreliable?

Who were the Pilgrims?

The Pilgrims were formed from a group of people called Puritans, who had officially left the Church of England because they believed it to be corrupt. [Note for students: Remember, the Church of England was formed when Henry VIII couldn’t get permission from the Pope to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, in order to marry Lady Anne Boleyn.] The Puritans also believed that the Anglican Church hadn’t gone far enough in severing its ties with Catholicism. The group emigrated to Holland in 1608, but as Bradford writes in Of Plymouth Plantation, there were concerns about the younger people in their group being corrupted by the turmoil of the Dutch fight for independence from Spain. The group was also concerned about a lack of economic opportunities, and the loss of their English identities as they continued to settle into the Dutch society.

Not all of the Pilgrims were Puritan Separatists, however. Of the 102 passengers, only about half were Puritans. The Puritans referred to themselves as “Saints” and the others as “Strangers.”

The Mayflower Compact

The leaders of the small band of people aboard the Mayflower realized that before they debarked, they needed to have a game plan for their government since they had landed without a patent. In particular, William Bradford realized that not every person in their group was willing to respect their desire to establish a new society with their own rules (i.e., the Strangers), which made the Mayflower Compact a necessary document. The Mayflower Compact was signed by a majority of the males on the ship, and is often called the first written constitution. It was viewed as an important precedent for the later writing of the U.S. Constitution.

The Mayflower Compact outlined the following important conditions for the Pilgrims:

  • It establishes allegiance to the King and to God.
  • It established a common governing body by consent.
  • The governing body had the power to enact and enforce just laws.
  • The laws would only be established for the good of all of the colonists.
  • All parties agreed to follow the laws they established.

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