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Kenya's Long Dry Season Lesson Plans

The informational article, “Kenya’s Long Dry Season”, by Nellie Gonzalez Cutler, describes the hardship felt during the 2009 drought in that country.

Student Activities for Kenya’s Long Dry Season

Essential Questions for "Kenya’s Long Dry Season"

  1. What effects do droughts have on a community?
  2. Should people help those in other countries? Why or why not?

A Quick Synopsis of "Kenya’s Long Dry Season"

“Kenya’s Long Dry Season” begins by identifying the problem: the East African nation of Kenya is experiencing a severe drought, resulting in the loss of crops and a struggle by animals and people to survive. Kids are being taken out of school to work for their families, though schools that provide food have a lower dropout rate. In order to help feed families and to keep kids in school, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) asks for $230 million in donations.

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