An African American boy holds a sketchbook. He looks sad and left out. Behind him are several white classmates, and a fancy looking prep school.

Twelve-year-old Jordan loves to draw, and he’s really, really good at it. He wants to go to art school, but his parents send him to an upscale school away from his Washington Heights neighborhood. As one of the few African American kids at his school, Jordan must learn to navigate making new friends, ignorance, class issues, and finding his place in a seemingly foreign land. This award winning graphic novel is told absolutely brilliantly, and Craft’s artistic talents jump right off the pages. Students will not want to put it down, and teachers will love the lessons that the story teaches. New Kid is a treasure that is not to be missed!

Student Activities for New Kid

Essential Questions for New Kid

  1. What are some of the main challenges that Jordan faces each day at school?
  2. How do the teachers and other students treat Jordan different because of his skin color?
  3. How does Jordan change throughout the book?
  4. Why did the author choose to write this as a graphic novel?

New Kid Summary

Jordan Banks is a 12 year old African American boy who loves to draw. He lives with his parents in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City and dreams of attending art school. He keeps a scrapbook of all of his comics and drawings, and feels right at home where he lives. When his parents approach him about going to Riverdale Academy Day School, an affluent school uptown, Jordan is hesitant. What if there is no one like him there? What if he doesn’t fit in?

As a new kid, Jordan is paired with Liam, a fellow student who shows him the ropes. Liam is white, rich, and has a driver who often brings him to school. On the first day, Liam and his father pick Jordan up at his home; it is clear that Jordan is uncomfortable with these two different worlds colliding. His first day doesn’t go so well; Jordan gets lost and deals with being called the wrong name, the shame of being on financial aid, and feeling alone. One boy in particular, Andy, is ignorant and rude, and his racist comments are hard to ignore. However, Jordan realizes that Liam is a good guy, and he is happy that they met.

Over time, Jordan learns to not only navigate his new school, but also how to transform himself on his way to school. On the bus, he starts off as Jordan from Washington Heights, and by the time he reaches school, he is Jordan of Riverdale Academy. However, Jordan begins to feel more comfortable when he finally meets one of the other African American boys in his grade, Drew. The two boys find comfort in knowing they have so much in common and become instant friends. Over time, Jordan, Drew, and Liam all begin to hang out together, something that Jordan hadn’t even considered happening until his father suggested it. Jordan continues to make more friends, stand up for himself, and become more at ease in his new school. At the same time, Jordan still hangs out with his buddies in the neighborhood, who playfully nickname him “Private School” when he corrects their grammar.

Winner of both the Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King award, New Kid is one of a kind. The graphic novel reflects the modern day African American experience in a humorous yet serious way, with exceptional artwork that is entertaining and eye catching. This book is an excellent addition to any upper elementary and early middle school classroom. It will hold students’ interest, spark interesting discussions, and engage even the most reluctant readers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about New Kid

Who is Jordan in New Kid?

Jordan is the main character in the story. He is a 12 year old African American boy in a school of predominantly white students. He must learn to navigate making new friends, ignorance, and class issues in a new school.

Is New Kid a true story?

Author Jerry Craft used a lot of his life experiences in this funny and heartwarming graphic novel. For example, Craft loosely based Riverdale Academy Day School on his high school, and the character of Jordan has real traits from Craft’s sons.

Is New Kid a graphic novel?

Yes, New Kid is a graphic novel.

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