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Divergent Book Lesson Plans | Divergent Book Summary

Divergent, the first novel in Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy, has enjoyed widespread popularity among young adult readers, increased by the 2014 movie adaptation. A dystopian thriller, the story follows Tris Prior, a girl whose very identity undermines the strict social structure of her society. As Tris tests her limits by joining the Dauntless faction, one of her society’s five divisions, her natural “divergent” tendencies prove both advantageous and dangerous. Ultimately, the tensions in her society result in an all-out war that Tris and her allies must try to stop. An exciting adventure, Tris’ tale follows the age-old pattern of the hero’s journey and provides teachers with an accessible text for teaching story structure, character development, and point of view.

Student Activities for Divergent

Essential Questions for Divergent

  1. What do you think is the biggest cause of fighting in the world? Does the society in Divergent eliminate this problem?
  2. Do you think fears are good or bad? What are your fears?
  3. What makes Divergent a dystopia?
  4. How does Tris resemble other heroes you have read about or seen in movies?
  5. What character qualities do you value most? Why?

Distopian Fiction

Divergent falls into the category of dystopian fiction, a popular genre among young adult readers. Dystopian fiction generally depicts a society whose idealized goals have led to a repressive social structure. Dystopias often start with noble intentions, but gradually devolve as they attempt to enforce perfection. Common characteristics of dystopian novels include a lack of freedom, repressive governments, limited or no choice, corrupt leaders, and a futuristic setting. As a result of these problems, dystopian novels usually share themes relating to freedom and human rights. Before reading, prepare students with background on dystopias. An understanding of the genre will better enable them to make inferences, predict outcomes, and determine themes.

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