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Educational Articles for Teachers

Storyboard That has a wide variety of important education articles for teachers written by former teachers. Our professional articles about education are applicable to storyboarding, creating, and teaching. Our school education articles will provide you with background knowledge and resources, while our tips and tricks articles will help you become storyboarding experts!

You will find news articles about teaching that include classroom management ideas, how to use graphic organizers, and even how to use the creator itself. We want to give you inspiration for your own amazing creations. Find the educational article that works for you, and learn all about what Storyboard That can do in your classroom!

If you are looking for a specific activity to copy to your dashboard, check out our Lesson Plans and Activities!

ELA Articles
Ethos Pathos Logos
Scene of people at a park for students to describe
Graphic Organizers
Overview of Graphic Organizers
Language Learning
Language Learning with Storyboard That
SEL / Wellness
SEL and Wellness Lesson Plans and Resources
Social Studies
Social Studies Articles
Special Education
Informational Text Activities
Greenhouse Gases Lesson Plans
Storyboarding Tips
Storyboarding Tips

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