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Looking for more information on teaching Social Studies? Searching for ways to get your students excited about history, geography, culture, civics and sociology? Do you want to learn more about the effectiveness of using the 5 Ws or Project Based Learning? How about how to include your students' love of gamification in your lessons? Well, look no further!

Storyboard That has a number of articles for Social Studies teachers that provide background information, ideas for lessons and activities, links to relevant resources and tons of storyboard examples that you can quickly and easily copy to your teacher account!

Browse the articles for Social Studies below. These principles can be applied to many different topics and grade levels!

5 Ws of Social Studies and History
The 5Ws in History
Compare and Contrast with T-Charts
Comparisons Lesson Plans
Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills for Students
Debate Activities
Geography and Culture
California Intermountain Indigenous Peoples
Harnessing Student Passions in History Class
Matthew Farber Article
Infographics in the Classroom
Student presenting infographic
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning Activities
Social Studies Acronyms
GRAPES for Social Studies
Teaching Fact and Opinion
Fact vs. Opinion
Timeline Maker
What is Vocabulary?
What is Vocabulary? | Vocabulary Activities
World Religions
World Religions Activities | What is Religion?

These articles can be used by teachers looking to increase their knowledge of effective pedagogy but can also be used as a helpful resource in the classroom! Teachers may project our teacher-made storyboard examples onto the board as a presentation to illustrate new topics and concepts prior to having students create their own storyboards.

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