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Special Education Resources and Activities

There is no doubt about it, no two children are the same, especially when it comes to learning. All children, and people in general, learn at different paces and have different learning styles. Here at Storyboard That, we create resources and lesson plans that take into account various learning styles, needs, and levels, paying close attention to the importance of differentiation. Our visual resources are particularly helpful for visual learners, nonverbal students, and students on the autism spectrum. Check out our special education resources so you can start planning and creating individualized materials to fit each student's needs today!

Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills for Students
Differentiated Instruction
Scaffolding with Storyboard That
Discussion Storyboards
Science Discussions Lesson Plans
Introduction To Social Stories
Introduction to Social Stories
Phonological Awareness
Phonological Awareness Activities
Picture / Token Boards
PECs Boards
Picture Scenes for Speech Therapy
Scene of people at a park for students to describe
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning Activities
Routine Charts
Training Chart Lesson Plans
Scaffolding in Education
Scaffolding with Storyboard That
Social Stories
Social Stories in the Classroom
Universal Design for Learning
Understanding By Design
Visual Vocabulary Boards
Visual Vocabulary Storyboard Example
What is Vocabulary?
What is Vocabulary? | Vocabulary Activities

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