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Storyboard That has over 3,000 resources for teachers with many ways to bring digital storytelling to your classroom. Our comprehensive lesson plans are designed to be a simple one step prep for teachers to save time and energy while engaging your students!

Our resources are also completely customizable should you wish to make modifications to tailor it to the specific needs of your students. Each lesson plan activity comes with student directions, a template, an example and often a rubric to assist in grading! Teachers can easily copy an assignment to their dashboard, by clicking the "Copy Activity" button, giving you an excellent starting point for creating fun and engaging student activities!

How Can I Copy Activities on Storyboard That?

Image of Copy Activity Button

When you press that "Copy Activity" button when logged in as a teacher, here is what happens:

  1. An Assignment is automatically created in your Teacher Dashboard.

  2. The name of the Assignment is taken from the title of the activity from the lesson plans.

  3. The student instructions are copied into the Assignment Instructions.

  4. The template, example and rubric (if there is one) appear below.

Pretty cool, right?

What do you do after you press that button?

  1. Choose a class to get the assignment. If you don't have any classes yet, you can make one!

  2. Optional: Customize!

Everything is customizable. Don't like the name of the Assignment? Change it. Want to make changes the template? Go for it, it's yours now. Need more than one template for your students? Add more templates to provide variety and differentiation!

I Want Different Student Instructions

The student instructions provided are intended to be very generic in order to allow easy customization. Teachers are encouraged to change the student instructions to suit their particular assignment, grading criteria, and student needs. Often, teachers like to put in specific requirements, due dates, examples, or other important information.

Click "Edit Instructions" to change the student instructions that are automatically copied to the assignment. Our feelings won't be hurt.

I Want a Different Template

When you press the "Copy Activity" button, the provided template is automatically copied into the assignment for students to use. If you do not want to use the template, or want to make one of your own, it's easy to edit it, remove the template from the assignment entirely, and add more.

If you want to remove the provided template, click "Remove from Assignment".

How to Make Templates for Students

To Add an Existing Storyboard

If you've already created a storyboard that you want students to use as a template, click the "Add Template from Your Storyboards" button. Pick any of the storyboards that appear and click "Select as Template". Then voila! Your template has been added to the assignment

To Create a New Template

Click the "Create a New Template" button. Add text or images, change the number of cells, change the background or text color of title and description boxes, adjust the size of each cell, etc. When you save the storyboard, it will become a template in the assignment!

Edit Existing Template

If you like the base of the template already provided but want to add more scaffolding or images for students to use, simply click the "Edit" button below the template and make changes according to your specifications!

I Don't Want That Rubric

Like the student instructions, the rubrics were designed to be very generic. We all know that the best rubrics are very specific, but every classroom is different. Not all of the assignments have rubrics either, but the ones that do can be easily tailored to the assignment and the expectations you have for your students. A very specific rubric might work for a class here or there, but a highly specialized rubric would not be useful for most classes. What we've done is give you a starting point! You know your students, specific performance objectives, and curriculum best.

You have several options when it comes to rubrics.

1. Keep the Original Rubric

If you like the basic rubric, then you don't need to do anything else. The rubric is automatically attached to the assignment.

2. Copy the Original Rubric and Tailor to Your Needs

This is the option we suspect most teachers will take.

  1. In the bottom left corner of every Quick Rubric rubric, you will see, "View, Print and Copy this Rubric at….". Click on the hyperlink or copy and paste the URL into your browser to go to the page.

  2. Click "Copy Rubric" to make a copy the original rubric. Once you have your own version, you can make all changes you want. Save your rubric.

  3. After you save the rubric, click "View / Print Rubric" and you will see your new Quick Rubric URL in the bottom left corner!

  4. Select and copy the URL. In the rubric field of the assignment, click the "Update Rubric" button. Paste the new link in and click "Save".

  5. Your rubric is now attached to the assignment!

3. Create Your Own Rubric on Quick Rubric

Many teachers will want to create rubrics that fit district standards or student performance objectives. This process is very similar to the process above, but here you start from scratch.

  1. On Quick Rubric, click "Create a Rubric".

  2. Fill in the rubric to suit your purposes. Add criteria and performance levels as needed.

  3. Click "Save Rubric" periodically and after you finish.

  4. After you save the rubric, click "View / Print Rubric" and you will see your new Quick Rubric URL in the bottom left corner!

  5. Select and copy the URL. In the rubric field of the assignment, click the "Update Rubric" button. Paste the new link in and click "Save".

  6. Add a Rubric to your Assignment on Storyboard That!

  7. Your rubric is now attached to the assignment!

4. Remove the Rubric Altogether

To remove the rubric from the assignment, simply click update rubric and delete the URL in the rubric field on the assignment and click "Save". You can always go back and put a new rubric in at any time.

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