Storyboard That makes it super easy to incorporate visual learning into your math class and have the content tailored to your students. While we have many pre made math lesson plans, there are also tons of templates to bring more visuals to the classroom. The easily customizable templates allow you to ensure that the worksheets you give to students meets them where they are and challenges the concepts they still are working to master. There are several ways to make your math lessons and classroom vibrant and fun, all from the comfort of Storyboard That's storyboard creator!

Math Posters

Posters are a subtle way for students to learn information. They count as classroom decoration, but when done right, contain information that students will learn to recognize and absorb. This rings especially true with math, as students are learning different shapes or even different equations. While any of the poster templates can be adapted to create fun and informative visuals, there's some that were created specifically with math in mind!

Combining the visuals of Storyboard That with mathematical concepts is just one of the ways to make learning math more fun. Students can create their own representations of complex math concepts or of course, they can hang on the walls of the class. They're also a perfect way to introduce students to new topics, such as the words to look out for when completing a math problem!

Visual Aids

Visual aids, especially step-by-step instructions like how to use a protractor, are beneficial for more than just your visual learners. Math can often be made simpler for students to understand by breaking each piece into steps and providing a visual for what to do. What are the things they need to remember when multiplying a single digit number with double digits? How will they figure out what type of polygon a shape is?


Flashcards are a great way for younger students to practice quick recall and get familiar with identifying simple math, shapes, and more. They can be made smaller for individual and partner use, or take up the whole page for small group and classroom practice.

Students can also create their own flashcards, allowing them to take ownership over their learning. By identifying the concepts and formulas they're still mastering, students will be practicing even as they're getting ready to practice. When they've completed their deck, students can practice with each other. Shapes, times tables, simple arithmetic, axioms, and fractions can all be easily applied to flashcards that students can print and cut out.

Example Flashcard Templates


When it comes to math, being able to customize worksheets is often a prospect that seems impossible or daunting. However, it's important to do so students are appropriately challenged when working through various math concepts. It also allows you to tailor the content to your students' interest to better engage them and make math more fun than it already is. Make their word problems based on their favorite things or practice addition and multiplication with characters!

Creating math worksheets is also a perfect way to have different levels of material on hand for students who may need more guidance or scaffolding, or for those who are eager for a challenge. Storyboard That lets you customize your worksheets over and over again, so you can tailor each accordingly and adapt as your students continue to grow in their mastery.

You can also have students create their own practice sheets to give to other students. This is a great way to assess what they think is the most important concepts to remember and practice, and allows them to once again, feel ownership in their own learning while helping their peers.

Example Math Worksheets

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Frequently Asked Questions about SBT for Math

How can Storyboard That help me incorporate visual learning into my math class?

Storyboard That provides pre-made math lesson plans and templates that can be easily customized to fit the needs of your students. The templates can help you create worksheets and posters that are tailored to your students' abilities and challenge them to master new concepts.

What kind of math lesson plans are available on Storyboard That?

Storyboard That offers a variety of pre-made math lesson plans that cover topics such as geometry, fractions, algebra, and more. These lesson plans are customizable to fit the needs of your students.

How can I use posters to help my students learn math?

Posters are a subtle way for students to learn information and can contain information that students will learn to recognize and absorb. With the visual aids provided by Storyboard That, students can learn different shapes, equations, and new topics in math. They also provide a fun and engaging way to introduce students to new concepts.

Can I create my own math posters using Storyboard That?

Yes, Storyboard That offers a variety of poster templates that can be adapted to create fun and informative math posters. Students can also create their own representations of complex math concepts using Storyboard That's storyboard creator.

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