Introducing new technology doesn't have to be hard! Helping students get to know how to use new classroom tools is important for them to be successful when you assign more substantial projects later in the week, month, or year! These hassle-free activities will make your students pros in no time while allowing them to have fun and explore. Unlock their creativity and their confidence!

The first is to get students familiar with the program and prepare them for all the fun activities to come! The second is to get to know your new students and discover their goals, aspirations, likes and dislikes in a fun, visual medium. There are activities for every grade level, so you can get started right away!

Ready-Made Activities to Use NOW

The introductory activities for students below are not content heavy because they are designed to help you and your students get acquainted with Storyboard That. We also have other storyboard activities available!

Getting Started Video

Video Tutorial For Students

What Other Resources Do You Have?

Short answer: a LOT.

To make your life easier and also provide some inspiration on how to use Storyboard That in any classroom, we've put together thousands of lesson plans and activities that are ready to be used with a click of a button. Of course, everything we created can be customized and tailored to match the needs of your students, but more often than not, you probably won't have to!

Our Teacher Resources are broken up by grade level and subject to make it easy to find content for your classroom. We have lesson plans for all sorts of books, time periods, languages, and more! Activities come with Common Core standards, instructions, templates, and rubrics to help guide you and your students.

For another level of customization in the classroom, we also have worksheet templates and poster templates. Both make it easy to create tailored worksheets for students, classroom decorations, or student projects. There's no need to start on an overwhelming blank page, and every template is entirely customizable.

Storyboarding Tips and Tricks

Once students are familiar with how to use Storyboard That, they may want to get more advanced with their creations! Check out our resources on layouts, effects, and more for students who want an extra challenge.

How to Use Storyboard That

Want a Storyboard That tutorial? We can help you get up and running! Meet with a Storyboard That expert to get help with whatever you need—from account set up to crafting the perfect storyboard lesson plans.

You can also visit our comprehensive Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions on the Storyboard Creator, your Dashboard, or other features.

Reach us at or (US) +1-617-607-4259 for assistance or give anonymous feedback!

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