No Need for Drawing with a Book Maker Online

Drag, Drop & Customize

Can't draw? No problem. We have an entire art library available filled with amazing scenes, characters, and items for you to use for your own book. No more ugly clipart!

Create your perfect book with:

  • Smart Scenes: customize the time of day, weather, furniture, and then some
  • Poseable Characters: customize hairstyle, facial expression, pose, and more
  • Speech Bubbles: choose from hundreds of options from free form to comic speech bubbles

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Book Creator is easy to use

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Personal Use

Create Unlimited Digital Books

Book Creator is amazing for personal use

  • Write and illustrate your own children's book
  • Create social stories to use at home
  • View books online or print out

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School Use

For Teachers and Their Students

Book Creator is great for teachers and their students

  • Create a read-aloud book for any subject
  • Collaborate with classmates on a project
  • Showcase student learning from a unit

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Professional Team Use

Collaborate with Your Team on a Book

Book Creator is great for teams

  • Write and illustrate a company handbook
  • Create training manuals
  • Design unique presentations

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How to Make Digital Books in Storyboard That's Book Maker

  1. Subscribe to Storyboard That

    You can take out a free trial at Storyboard That as a teacher or professional

  2. Open up the Storyboard Creator

    Once you have your account set up, open the Storyboard Creator and click ‘Layout’. This will give you a range of different layouts to choose from.

  3. Click the 'Book' Layout

    Select the layout to be ‘Book’. This layout will take you into a pre-set layout option as though you are creating your own book. It includes a front and back page that you can design. Plus, it allows you to illustrate and write on the content pages throughout the book.

  4. Build Your Book

    You can now start to build your book using the online book creator by adding from the library of thousands of characters, settings, and items available. It’s simple to do and no specialist knowledge of illustration or computer software is necessary.

  5. Distribute Your Book

    Once your book is completed, you can view it online or print it out!

Create E-Books Online

An E-Book is a digital book that you can read on your computer, phone, or another electronic device. You can create E-Books online by using the book creation software. Either a general word processing software or a specialized e-book builder like Storyboard That.

Specialist software is always better as it is easier to make your book look professional and you don't have to be a professional illustrator to do so. It will save you lots of time, money, and effort. Storyboard That is a book creator website that is the leading software on the market to create virtual books and E-books. To create an online book with Storyboard That's digital book maker online software, simply follow the above steps.

Once you have the means to start, you want to start building the book. The writing comes first. Start by creating your story or whatever you want the book to be about. We would suggest having your story completed before you think about making the book look good with pictures and a designed front/back cover.

When you've got things written out and edited to the standard you would like to publish. Then you can start designing the book by adding illustrations and a front and back cover. If you use software like Storyboard That, you will have thousands of different options at your fingertips. Customizable characters, scenes, and items can be added too!

Frequently Asked Questions about Book Maker

Can I make a book with my free account?

You'll need a premium account to make a book, but don't worry - you can still try it for free by taking out a free trial. Try before you buy and you can cancel anytime so you can create a book online for free.

How many pages can the book be?

Choose the number of pages for your album: 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, or 18. This total includes the front and back covers as one page each. For example: if you choose "8", you will have 1 front cover page + 6 internal pages + 1 back cover page totaling 8 physical pages.

Can more than one student work on a book at the same time?

Yes! Up to 5 pupils may group together to work on the same assignment. If you're using the Education Edition book maker, you may create an assignment and enable collaboration!

Can I print my book?

Yes, you can, with the help of our book creation software! You can print storyboard books any other way you print material created in Storyboard That. You can even add customizations to the prints in the book maker too. For example, there are lines so pupils can add their handwritten text. This allows you to make a printable book online for free.

Once I create digital books online, how do I publish them?

You may view your book in a slideshow on your browser or print it from Storyboard That. You may use third-party services to make a tangible book if you want. Storyboard That has a variety of export options, and downloading each cell separately as a zip file allows for the greatest customization!

Create anything from any time with Storyboard That's Book Creator!