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Free Online Encyclopedia for Students and Teachers

Our extensive free online encyclopedia for education is a great way to introduce students to a variety of topics ranging from the solar system, mythology, and literary genres, to innovations and important people! Children will have so much fun exploring this platform, with all of the various topics and fun facts, and they will also love the bright and colorful pictures. Parents will love the fact that their children are learning about science, geography, math, and the people related to American history and so much more! Teachers will love the abundance of resources in this digital encyclopedia! Below the categories, we have provided a number of ideas for how to use our free online encyclopedia with your students in all subject areas!

Featured Entries

Red dragon beathing fire and man in red coat fighting dragon off with sword
Bastet from Egyptian Mythology
Hot Air Balloon
Innovations - Hot Air Balloon
Phases of the Moon
Astronomy - Phases of the Moon
Sally Ride
Sally Ride Biography
Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, The
Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare Plays

Picture Encyclopedia Topics

Use this online student encyclopedia as a springboard for individual and class-wide projects! This section not only includes cool encyclopedia pictures, but we also have tons of easy access to content on people, mythology, innovations and inventions, and so much more!

Activities for Picture Encyclopedia
Picture Encyclopedia Activities
Astronomy Terms
Astronomy - Constellation
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
English Phrasal Verbs
Look After - English Phrasal Verbs
Innovations - Aqueduct
Literary Terms
Character vs Nature Literary Conflict
Anuket from Egyptian Mythology
SBT Literary Genres
Literary Genres - Narrative Poetry
Shakespeare Plays
A Midsummer's Night Dream - Shakespeare Plays

More About the Topics

The content on these pages is easy to browse, navigate, and comprehend. With colorful images, fun facts, and lots of detail, our free online encyclopedias are just what you need in the classroom. Learn more about the topics of our online encyclopedias below.

  • Activities for Picture Encyclopedia: We have taken some of our ideas and created lessons for teachers to copy and assign right away. Researching change makers with your students? Make a changemaker card! Prefer to make a poster instead? We have that too.

  • Astronomy Terms: The Storyboard That team has compiled a glossary of astronomy terms to help students grasp the many terms relating to outer space. Simply click on the term, and learn all about it, along with a colorful image. We have done the research so it’s all in one place; from “andromeda” to “white dwarf star”, we have what you’re looking for.

  • Biographies: Learning about influential people from history and today is a crucial part of education. Being able to research a person, write about that person, and determine important information to include are all critical skills. We have done a lot of research so that it’s all in one safe and secure place. Learn all about influential people such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Margaret Atwood, and so much more! Don’t forget to use one of our biography worksheet or poster templates to present what you’ve learned in a creative and colorful way!

  • English Phrasal Verbs: Sometimes the English language can be tricky. It consists of phrases and terms that aren’t literal, and students may struggle with the meanings. English phrasal verbs are two or more words that, when put together, mean something completely different than when they are separate. For example, “hand in” means to submit. But “hand” and “in” mean something totally different when not used in that phrase. We have compiled a collection of storyboards that illustrate a variety of English phrasal verbs. These examples can be used to teach different phrasal verbs, or as examples if students are coming up with their own.

  • Innovations: Students are often asked to research inventions and innovations. We have put together a list of world-changing inventions, discoveries, and technical improvements for students to use for research.

  • Literary Terms: Simply put, a literary element is a common and important characteristic of the written and spoken English language. The English language has so many literary terms and elements, that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Not only do we provide you with detailed descriptions for each term, but we also include colorful and engaging examples.

  • Mythology: Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology are all vast and complicated. There are so many gods and goddesses to keep track of, that it can be overwhelming for students. We have put together a list of over eighty gods and goddesses that includes their parents, power/domain, symbol, and the notable myths that each is a part of. Our artists have created specific characters for each god and goddess, and our example storyboards will help educate and inspire young learners.

  • SBT Literary Genres: Storyboard That’s list of literary genres delves into the three major genre categories of poetry, drama, and prose. Students can learn all about their favorite genres, and even create storyboards of their own that reflect those genres! Check out our educational article on literary genres for more information!

  • Shakespeare Plays: There is no other playwright quite like William Shakespeare. Use our picture encyclopedia to get brief summaries on plays such as Much Ado About Nothing, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and so much more!

How to Use the Free Online Encyclopedia for Kids

Our online children’s encyclopedia resources have easy to understand information with a colorful and eye-catching storyboard as a visual, in order to activate understanding and retention. Storyboard That is passionate about creating resources that inspire children to be creative thinkers and storytellers, and we want students of all ages to have the ability to showcase what they have learned, and our encyclopedia section will help them do just that. Try our free kids’ online encyclopedia today! Want to use our picture encyclopedias for more than just research? Check out some of our ideas below:

  • Create a picture encyclopedia of the people in your class or school. This is an excellent first week of school activity for students in your class to get to know one another. Have students “interview” each other, and create a one cell storyboard just for their partner. Be sure to instruct students to include a short write-up as well as an image.
  • Assign a term/person/event to each student to complete their own storyboard. Whether you are assigning something or someone for whom/which we already have an example or not, kids will love creating their own!
  • Post storyboards to class and school social media channels. Sharing what they’ve created gives students a huge sense of pride!
  • Copy and edit these storyboards and encyclopedia pictures and use them as references or visuals. Take comfort in knowing that we have done the research for you, and that our website is safe and secure.
  • Have students make up their own invention, silly or real, and create a picture encyclopedia for it!
  • If students are researching a place or a time period in history, have them create a one-cell encyclopedia page to show what they know!
  • Using one or more of our picture encyclopedias as reference, create a poster on a topic or a person!

Frequently Asked Questions about Picture Encyclopedias

What is an encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is a book, series of books, or a website that gives information on a variety of topics. Like words in a dictionary, encyclopedia topics are usually in alphabetical order.

What is a picture encyclopedia?

Storyboard That’s picture encyclopedias are exactly what they sound like: information about something, including a picture! We have information on people, inventions, mythology, literary genres, and so much more!

How do I use a picture encyclopedia?

Teachers can use them as an engaging alternative to typical research offerings for their students. Students can learn from the information provided and be inspired by the visuals and use the picture encyclopedia entries as a springboard to creating their own storyboards!

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