Famous People and Inventions

The Storyboard That Picture Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource for both teachers and students. It includes a vast array of topics from biographies to innovations to mythology and more! Teachers can use this as an engaging alternative to typical research offerings for their students. Students can learn from the information provided and be inspired by the visuals and use the Picture Encyclopedia entries as a springboard to creating their own storyboards!

These lesson plans give teachers ideas of ways they can utilize the Picture Encyclopedia and incorporate it into their classroom. Each activity is completely customizable. Teachers have the liberty to change the titles, student instructions, examples and add as many templates as they wish to provide differentiation to meet the needs of their students.

Student Activities for Picture Encyclopedia

Essential Questions

  1. Why is it important for students to learn how to do research?
  2. How can learning about this topic benefit myself, my fellow students, or the community at large?
  3. How do creativity and visuals enhance learning?

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