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Video marketing is becoming the new standard for most product campaigns. A video allows your target audience to sit back and be told what the product or service does and why it will improve their lives. There are many different types of marketing videos and it's important to understand the value of each one. Video marketing is an extremely powerful and effective sales and marketing tool, but isn't always easy to create.

Storyboarding out your ideas is always the first step. When proposing a video marketing idea, it's important to be able to clearly present your vision to the team before the actual filming takes place—that's where storyboards come in. The beauty of being able to storyboard out your marketing video is it allows you to be able to experiment with multiple video concepts quickly, easily, and for a low cost. It also reduces the risk of any miscommunication between the video marketing team and the product development team. A video marketer can show the product developer a number of different storyboards, then together they can then choose which one is the best and it will be clear to both parties what the final product will look like.

To Get Started, Here are 5 Storyboard Templates for Marketing Videos

The Brand Reinforcer

When people are deciding which product to buy or which service to use they often have too many choices and too little time. Making sure your company's name comes to mind first is essential, and the best way to do this is through brand reinforcement. Continuously adding your company's name and logo throughout your video will ensure that your brand is reinforced into the mind of the customer.

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The Customer Journey

People hate feeling like they're being sold something or being told what to buy. Instead of focusing on the sale, take your customers on a journey with your short video. Start with an introduction to your characters, their setting, and their problems, and show them a real life example of how your product or service can be useful to them. Feel free to add some humor or suspense to your video to keep your viewers engaged. Make the story believable and try to form an emotional attachment between your characters and your audience.

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The Demo

When someone purchases a product or a service, the last thing they want is to have to figure out how to use it. Making a quick, simple demo video allows your customers to easily understand how to use your product or service and will allow them to get the most out of their purchase. This, in turn, will lead to happier customers, better retention, and a successful business.

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The Customer Testimonial

Building trust between your product or service and your customers is essential. Having testimonials from existing customers shows potential new customers how the product or service helped them and how glad they are that they purchased it. Make sure to show a diverse variety of users so your audience is able to connect with at least one of them. The video should feel natural so your audience truly believes these are the words of past customers and not a scripted commercial.

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Animated Video

The use of animation in marketing can be extremely powerful for a number of reasons. The first is that animation allows you to experiment with ideas and concepts that are beyond the laws of nature. For example, if your product makes customers feel like they’re flying to the moon, then you can really add a short clip of a person flying. Another benefit of animation is often animated characters can be less distracting than real-life people. If the goal of the video is to convey data, having a simple animated character point to it on a board is much clearer than seeing a real person do the same thing. Lastly, animation allows you to be able to add a visual component to abstract ideas. It’s not easy to convey to your audience that your product is used by one million people worldwide, but with animation you can easily show a globe and a crowd of people, allowing your audience to better internalize your statement.

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Now it's your turn. Choose one of these five templates and edit the storyboard to add your own information. Or if you're up for the challenge, create your own storyboard from scratch right here!

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