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Hold Up - Engleski Frazni Glagoli

Engleski Frazni Glagol: To Hold Up

Enciklopedija Slika Engleskih Fraznih Glagola

Engleski frazni glagoli poput "to hold up" su lukavi! Pogledajte našu slikovnu enciklopediju kako biste pomogli studentima ESL-a da shvate svako značenje!

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Opis Storyboarda

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Storyboard Tekst

  • TO HOLD UPTo rob at gunpointExample: The bank was held up by three armed robbers.
  • Court Bank
  • Freeze! We're holding up this bank! Put all the money in the bag and no one gets hurt.
  • TO HOLD UPTo delayExample: Susan and Jeff were holding up traffic as they fixed the burst water pipe.
  • How's your leg holding up after the operation?
  • Sorry to hold you up while we are fixing a leaking pipe!
  • STOP
  • It's great thanks for asking. I just need to make sure I use my cane.
  • TO HOLD UPTo hold something in a high position in order for it to be seenExample: Jessica and Mike held up the map so everyone could see it.
  • TO HOLD UPTo support someone or something to stop them falling down.Example: Ariana's parents had to hold her up after the race because she was so tired.
  • TO HOLD UPTo stay strong or be in a good condition.Example: Joe's leg was holding up fine after his operation.
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