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A Principled Negotiation
Ažurirano: 12/20/2016
A Principled Negotiation
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Opis Storyboarda

An example of a principled negotiation to purchase a car.

Storyboard Tekst

  • I saw your ad for the car. Why are you selling it?
  • I'm trying to save some money in the long run by switching to the train. Plus I need some cash for home repairs.
  • Yeah, I was a little optimistic. But it is in great shape.
  • I know you were hoping to get $3,500, but Kelly Blue Book listed it at $3,100.
  • The only thing is I don't have a parking spot for it right now, I'm worried I'm going to end up paying the difference on lot fees.
  • Well, If you can pay cash today, I'm happy to keep it in my garage until you can get a parking spot.
  • No more car bills for me, and I can get my roof redone right away! I can have it sit in the garage for a couple months.
  • What a deal! It's the perfect car for me! And now I don't need to stress so much about parking it in a lot.
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