Beyond the Bright Sea Riassunto

Beyond the Bright Sea Riassunto
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Beyond the Bright Sea di Lauren Wolk Attività

Beyond the Bright Sea di Lauren Wolk

Piani di Lezione di Lauren Ayube

Quando la dodicenne Crow era solo una bambina, è stata caricata su una barca e si è lanciata nell'oceano. Si è lavata sulla riva di una delle minuscole Isole Elisabetta nel Massachusetts. Accolta da un uomo solitario che lei chiama Osh, Crow si adatta alla vita dell'isola ma si interroga sempre sul suo passato e sulla sua famiglia. Il pluripremiato Beyond the Bright Sea è un racconto meraviglioso sulla famiglia, l'amore e la scoperta di te stesso.

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  • Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk
  • Beyond the Bright Sea is a beautifully written story about family, bravery, identity, and finding your way home.
  • Yes, she was.
  • Susanna was my mother.
  • Set in the early 1900s on one of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts, this story is about a 12 year old girl named Crow. Set out to sea on a small boat as a baby, Crow was taken in by a solitary man named Osh. She is determined to learn about her past, her family, and herself.
  • Osh gives Crow the ring and the note that was attached to her when he found her as a baby. The note gives clues to her past. Crow, Osh, and Miss Maggie go to Penikese Island where Crow was born to try to learn more. Crow sees the gravestone with lamb on it and the name Morgan.
  • It means daughter.
  • After reaching out to the doctor and the nurse who worked with the lepers on Penikese Island, Crow learns who her parents are and that they said she was stillborn. She also learns she has an older brother named Jason.
  • After learning that there is treasure on Penikese buried by her mother, Crow, Osh, and Miss Maggie dig up the lamb gravestone and find a trunk of jewels, gems, and jewelry. Crow hides them in different locations and they are robbed.
  • The robber, Mr. Kramer, is caught, and Crow is at peace knowing about her past. She realizes the importance of the family that she does have and feels grateful for her life.
  • Just like Osh means father.
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