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Eco di Pam Muñoz Ryan

Piani di Lezione di Liane Hicks

Echo racconta quattro storie diverse e incantevoli di tempi e luoghi diversi.È una storia sul sacrificio, la famiglia, l'amicizia e il potere unificante della musica. È diviso in quattro parti differenti: la storia di Otto alla fine del 1800 in Germania; La storia di Friedrich nel 1933 in Germania; La storia di Mike nel 1935 in Pennsylvania; e la storia di Ivy nel 1942 nel sud della California.

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L'impostazione di una Storia: Utilizzo Delle Impostazioni Delle Mappe

Piani di Lezione di Rebecca Ray

Quando gli studenti leggono romanzi complessi con più personaggi e ambientazioni, può creare molta confusione per loro. Un modo in cui gli insegnanti possono aiutare gli studenti è attraverso l'impostazione e la mappatura dei personaggi. Con questi semplici storyboard modello, i lettori saranno in grado di mantenere le impostazioni e i personaggi ben ordinati.


Storyboard Descrizione

Gli studenti possono creare una mappa dell'ambientazione per illustrare l'ambientazione di ogni storia in Echo di Pam Munoz Ryan

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  • M M M
  • Echoby Pam Muñoz Ryan
  • TIME
  • 1933
  • 1935
  • 1942
  • 1864
  • The 13th Harmonica of Otto Messenger
  • Friedrich's story takes place in 1933 during Hitler's rise to power. The reader witnesses the introduction of intimidation tactics and many laws that discriminated against and harmed Jews and any one who Hitler deemed to be not of "pure German ancestry". Anyone who opposed Hitler and the Nazi party risked being arrested, brutalized, killed, and sent to a concentration camp such as Dachau.
  • Mike's story is set in 1935. At the time, harmonica music and particularly the Blues is popular. During the Great Depression in the United States, many people were poor and out of work. There were many orphans in the home where Mike and his brother lived and the corrupt head mistress used them to make money for herself.
  • Ivy's story takes place in 1942 during WWII, after the U.S. declared war on Japan. Ivy's brother, Fernando, Kenny Yamamoto, and the Ward brothers have enlisted to fight. At the same time, Japanese Americans like the Yamamoto family have been stripped of their civil liberties and forcibly sent away to concentration camps throughout the country.
  • Otto's story is said to be "50 years before the war to end all wars." This means it is 50 years before World War I, or around 1864. The story of Eins, Zwei, and Drei is set many years before that and as it is a fairy tale, it is not specified but rather, 'Once upon a time', or in this case "long before enchantment was eclipsed by doubt."
  • Friedrich's story is set in Trossingham, Germany in the south of the country near the Black Forest. In the story, Friedrich, his father and Uncle Gunter work in a Harmonica factory. In reality, Trossingham is where the famous Hohner Harmonica company was founded.
  • Mike's story is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mike and his brother, Frankie, live in an orphanage called Bishop's in a rural area. Later they go to live with Mrs. Sturbridge in her mansion in the city.
  • Ivy's story is set in Southern California. The family moves from Fresno County to Orange Country. Ivy is shocked when she is not allowed to attend the main school as it is segregated and children of Mexican descent are forced to attend a dilapidated school farther away.
  • Otto's story takes place in the countryside near Trossingham in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which is by the Black Forest and near the Swiss Alps. Otto hides in the Black Forest and it is there that he encounters Eins, Zwei, and Drei.
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