L'Odissea - Temi

Aggiornato: 1/26/2017
L'Odissea - Temi
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L'Odissea di Omero

Piani di Lezione di Rebecca Ray

L'odissea di Homer è una poesia epica che è sopravvissuta a migliaia di anni! È la storia di Odisseo, il re astuto di Itaca, il cui trofeo ha aiutato a guadagnare la guerra con Troy. Dopo la sua vittoria a Troy, incontra molte prove che lo ritardano a raggiungere la sua casa, Itaca e la sua regina, Penelope. Il viaggio dell'eroe di Odysseus è un'avventura lunga e ardua, piena di pericoli, tentazioni e spensieratezza.


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  • Nobody has stabbed my eye out!
  • It's so beautiful, let me go!
  • I will marry one of you once my shroud is finished!
  • A prime example of Odysseus's use of cunning is when he devises a plan to escape the cyclops in which he tells him that his name is "Nohbdy".
  • Odysseus, please take my best ship and these gifts home to your kingdom of Ithaca!
  • The second example of Odysseus' wit is when he uses beeswax to block his crew's ears so they could pass the Sirens.
  • You are not welcome here! Now I will eat you and your men for trespassing.
  • An example of Penelope's use of brains is when she secretly unravels her shroud every night so she never finishes it!
  • You can stay with one of us... forever! Xoxo
  • Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, assures Odysseus that he will be returned safely to his home. Consistent with their custom, the Phaeacians provide him with hospitality and safe passage home.
  • Odysseus enters the Cyclops' cave, bringing gifts of food and wine in exchange for the hospitality he believes he will receive. However, Polyphemus​ states he is not bound by the law of the gods and eats Odysseus' men instead.
  • Both Goddesses Calypso and Circe fall in love with Odysseus. They treat him well, and offer him immortality if he will stay with them forever.