L'One Eyed Giant - Sequenza

Aggiornato: 4/29/2017
L'One Eyed Giant - Sequenza
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One Eyed Giant Lesson Plans

L'One-Eyed Giant da Mary Pope Osborne

Piani di Lezione di Ashley Trudeau

The One-Eyed Giant è il primo libro dei racconti della serie Odyssey di Mary Pope Osborne che ripercorre le storie emozionanti dell'Odissea di Homer per i bambini. Il libro è perfetto ad alta voce per i giovani studenti elementari e promuoverà sicuramente un interesse per la mitologia greca.

La One-Eyed Giant

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Odyssey for Kids - The One Eyed Gigante di Mary Pope Osborne - Sequenza di Eventi

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  • "I bring orders for you to join King Agamemnon in the fight against Troy!"
  • Sequence of Events
  • "They have the magical power of forgetfulness. They make a man forget the past."
  • Agamemnon, calls for all Kings and Prices to wage war against Troy. A Trojan has kidnapped his wife, Helen. A messenger comes and makes Odysseus go to war, even though he doesn't want to.
  • "Under the cover of darkness, Odysseus led the way down the rope ladder. He and his men crept to the city gates, unbolted them, and threw them open."
  • The Greeks rescue Helen but anger the gods while doing so. The gods force the Greek ships to stop their trip home at the Island of the Lotus-Eaters where three men of Odysseus' get their memories erased.
  • 10 years pass and they still have not saved Helen. Many Trojans and Greeks die in battle. The goddess Athena tells Odysseus of a plan to help rescue Helen. They build the Trojan Horse.
  • "No One tried to kill me! No One blinded me!"
  • "He grabbed two Greeks. He smashed them against the stone floor, killing them at once."
  • The ships set sail again, but the gods force them to stop their journey at another island. Odysseus's curiosity leads them to the cave of the cyclops, Polyphemus, where the soldiers are trapped inside.
  • "One by one, Odysseus' men passed smoothly and secretly past the Cyclops and out of his reach."
  • To try to escape, Odysseus, gets the monster drunk and then stabs him in the eye. Odysseus tells the monster that his name is, "No One". When Polyphemus calls for help, he is shouting, "NO ONE hurt me" and the other cyclops stop trying to help.
  • The men escape by hiding under the bellies of sheep. Odysseus taunts the monster, because he thinks he is safe, and tells the monster his real name. Polyphemus tells him that he is part of a prophecy, that has now come true. Polyphemus puts a curse on Odysseus.
  • Odysseus and his men find shelter at Aeolus's fortress. Aeolus enjoys Odysseus' stories of the war. Aeolus helps Odysseus by trapping all the winds in a bag, so Odysseus could have a safe journey home to Ithaca.
  • "Aeolus enthusiastically agreed. He called all the winds from the east and the west, and all the winds from the north and the south."
  • "Will you help my fleet of ships get home to Ithaca?"
  • The men can see the shores of Ithaca and are almost home, until, some of the men open up the bag of winds, which causes a huge storm. Their ships are blown far, far away from home. Odysseus is upset but vows that he will make it home to Ithaca.