Per Chiamare

Per Chiamare
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Call On - Phrasal Verbs in Inglese

Verbo Frasale Inglese: Chiamare

Picture Encyclopedia of English Phrasal Verbs

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  • TO CALL ONTo visit someoneExample: Stevie was walking past Jane's house, so he decided to call on her.
  • Hi Stevie, what are you doing here?
  • I was walking past and thought I would call on you.
  • I tried to fix it myself but couldn't. I knew I needed to call on professional help.
  • TO CALL ONTo ask a student a questionExample: Oscar didn't know the answer and was scared the teacher would call on him.
  • What do these two stories have in common?
  • What are some other ways you can illustrate the phrase "to call on"?
  • Don't call on me, I don't know the answer!
  • TO CALL ONTo use something that someone can offer you.Example: Stacy had to call on professional help with the leak in her attic.
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