Riepilogo di My Side of the Mountain

Riepilogo di My Side of the Mountain
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Il mio Lato Della Montagna

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  • Young man, if you're going to live in the woods, you're going to have to know how to build a fire. I will show you.
  • New York Weekly
  • END
  • April 2, 1958
  • Wild Boy in the Catskills!
  • Woman claims to have met a boy, who appears to be about fourteen years old, in the mountains while picking strawberries. The boy, she says, seems to have made a home for himself in the wilderness, living off of berries and fish.  More on page 5.
  • When Sam Gribley leaves for the Catskill Mountains not far from his family’s apartment in the city, all he has is an ax, a ball of cord, $40.00, and a penknife. After hitching a ride, he stays the night with a man named Bill, who teaches him how to build a fire, and learns how to find the family land on a map in the library. He has researched and prepared, and is ready to take on the wilderness alone.
  • Sam burns out a large hole in an old tree for shelter. As Sam becomes more adept at living in the mountains, he trains a baby falcon named Frightful and meets a weasel and a raccoon. One day, Sam returns to his tree to find a man sleeping in his spot. The man, who Sam calls Bando, is a college professor who loves what Sam has done so much that he decides to join him for a while.
  • A boy named Matt comes around asking about the “wild boy”. Sam claims he is not this boy, but that he’s met him. Matt knows that Sam is the boy and promises not to tell his secret if Sam lets him visit over spring vacation. When Bando joins them, they decide to make a “guest house” in a nearby tree. News of the boy who lives in the woods has spread, and photographers come to see Sam. One day, Sam’s whole family comes to see him. His mother tells him that if he doesn’t want to be in the city, then they will live with him.
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