PEST Narrative
Aggiornato: 4/11/2017
PEST Narrative
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PEST Analysis

Analisi PEST

Con Nathanael Okhuysen

Quando si prepara per il futuro, le aziende si impegnano nella pianificazione strategica. Questo processo esamina i fattori sia all'interno che all'esterno della società e spesso impiega un'analisi SWOT o un quadro simile per organizzare le informazioni generate. La pianificazione strategica che esamina i fattori esterni è chiamata scansione ambientale.

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Storyboard Descrizione

PEST analysis example - environmental scanning

Testo Storyboard

  • Recently, Sophie has thought about selling her crafts online. She likes it as a hobby, but wants to know how viable it would be for supplementing her income.
  • She worries it won't be successful though. She knows other people who have poured time and money into their online businesses without ever turning a profit.
  • Sophie decides to do some environmental scanning to decide if it's a good time to start an online store. She uses Storyboard That to organize her research, analyze opportunities, and inform her business plan.
  • Storyboard That's presentation options help her discuss her idea to fellow hobbyists, and even secure a small business loan.
  • Because she did her research and prepared, Sophie is careful in transitioning her hobby into a job. She has realistic expectations, and is prepared for the future. She is the proud operator of a successful small business!