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Storyboard That for Library and Media

Bring the Power of Visual Learning and Creation Together

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Empower Your Students by Unleashing Their Creativity

Our State of the Art Storyboard Creator Eliminates the “I Can’t Draw” Mentality!

  • User friendly storyboard, comic strip, and book creator
  • Diverse and customizable characters and scenes representing cultures and countries all over the world
  • Drag and drop, audio, and real images that are safe and age appropriate

Collaborate and Reinforce Lessons with Visual Learning

Hundreds of Standards Aligned Lesson Plans in All Subject Areas

  • Working together made simple with multi teacher rostering and teacher teams
  • Supplement and/or expand upon what students are learning in their classrooms
  • Real time collaboration and real time viewing makes teamwork and accountability a breeze

Bring your literature friends to life with Storyboard That

Secure, Compliant and Easy to Set Up

Secure by Design

Storyboard That is Soc-2 Certified

  • SOC-2 Certified to Protect Student Data
  • We do not collect Student Email Addresses
  • Read our full Student Privacy Page

Privacy and Compliance

  • Student Privacy Pledge Since 2018
  • ADA Compliant Website
  • YES for Coppa, FERPA, Ed 2D, SOPIPA, SOPPA, Super Act

Easy to Set Up

Set up your school with all the popular options

  • Rapid Setup with LMS and SSO Providers
  • Option for custom SAML
  • YES - we support NYC Login
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Schedule a Demo

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