Amerikanske Litterære Bevegelser - American Authors

Oppdatert: 4/6/2017
Amerikanske Litterære Bevegelser - American Authors
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Edgar Allan Poe Biography

Amerikanske Litterære Bevegelser

Leksjonsplaner av Rebecca Ray

As the world around us changes, so does the way that we see the world, and how we express that vision. Literature, arts, and philosophy evolve to mirror their historic and social context. An appreciation of a particular piece of literature is grounded by an understanding of the work’s context. Looking at literary movements helps students articulate the common approaches to writing, big ideas of each movement, and social and political influences of the time period. It is important for students of American Literature to understand the author and characters’ attitudes; connecting a piece of writing to the ideologies of its time is a significant component in this task.

Amerikanske Litterære Bevegelser

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Amerikanske Litterære Bevegelser - American Authors - American Literature

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  • Romantikken, American Gothic (1800-1865)
  • Edgar Allan Poe var en gotisk forfatter spesialisering i korte historier om det makabre. Hans kjente verk: "The Raven", "The Cask of Amontillado", og "The Tell-Tale hjerte" er gode eksempler på gotisk litteratur, med uhyggelige innstillinger og groteske temaer.