Oppdatert: 5/24/2017
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Father's Day Example

Faders dag Aktiviteter

Leksjonsplaner av Anna Warfield

Sometimes we use the seasons and holidays around us to engage our students. Whether you want to use these activities just for fun, or if you have lesson plans around Father's Day, Storyboard That is an excellent resource. Students can find a Storyboard That character that resembles them and their dad; most of our characters are poseable and customizable! When is Father's Day? Father's Day will be celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June.

Farsdag Aktiviteter

Storyboard Beskrivelse

Farsdag ideer

Storyboard Tekst

  • Spider Getter
  • Monster Checker
  • Ingenting skummelt her utenom dette rotet!
  • Ice Cream Kjøper
  • Landskapsarkitekt
  • Fars Jobber
  • Story Reader
  • Idrettslærer