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Signs Someone is Being Bullied

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Signs Someone is Being Bullied
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Conscientização Sobre o Bullying Escolar

Bullying Escolar

By Rebecca Ray

Aqui no Storyboard That, descobrimos que, ao usar storyboards para criar cenários de role-playing, os alunos podem ver melhor os efeitos e as características do bullying. Por meio de aulas interativas, você pode ajudar a mudar a mentalidade dos alunos de “bullying é um problema” para “bullying é um problema, e eu posso fazer algo a respeito”.

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Storyboard Descrição

Signs Someone is Being Bullied | Help students identify the effects of bullying with comics

Texto do Storyboard

  • I can't go today..
  • • Frequent tears or anger • Mood swings • Becomes withdrawn • Becomes aggressive and unreasonable •
  • I... fell.
  • Honey! What happened to your new dress?
  • Go away and leave me alone!
  • Hey, Carl!
  • •Pattern of feeling ill and and not wanting to attend school • Has unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches • Comes home with missing or damaged things •
  • … this isn't like you. You haven't turned in an assignment all week.
  • • School grades begin to fall • Continually "loses" money or starts stealing • Refuses to talk about what is wrong • Begins to target siblings •
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