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Echo: Ottov Príbeh
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Echo od Pam Muñoz Ryan

Plány Lekcií od Liane Hicks

Echo rozpráva štyri rôzne, očarujúce príbehy z rôznych čias a miest. Je to príbeh o obetovaní, rodine, priateľstve a zjednocujúcej sile hudby. Je rozdelená do štyroch rôznych častí: Ottov príbeh koncom 19. storočia v Nemecku; Friedrichov príbeh v roku 1933 v Nemecku; Mikeov príbeh v roku 1935 v Pensylvánii; a príbeh Ivy v roku 1942 v južnej Kalifornii.


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Text z Príbehu

  • M M
  • Echoby Pam Muñoz Ryan
  • The 13th Harmonica of Otto Messenger
  • The 13th Harmonica of Otto Messenger
  • “Your fate is not yet sealed. Even in the darkest night, a star will shine, a bell will chine, a path will be revealed.”
  • "A messenger brought you about. One-and-the-same must bring you out. You may not leave in earthly form. Your spirits to a woodwind born. You save a soul from Death's dark door, or here you'll languish ever more."
  • The 13th Harmonica of Otto Messenger
  • Trossingen Harmonica Factory
  • oz Ryan opens with a young boy named Otto playing hide and seek in the Black Forest in Germany in the late 1800s. He had bought a book and harmonica from a traveling woman that day. Bored while waiting to be found, he sat down and began to read. his book. The book was called "The 13th Harmonica of Otto Messenger".
  • The book described a King and Queen who longed for children. However, when the queen gave birth to a girl the terrible king was mad. Only a boy would be heir to the throne. He made the midwife take the child away and told the queen that the baby had died in childbirth. The midwife, rather than leave the helpless child to the wolves, took the baby to her cousin, a witch who lived in the forest.
  • The midwife knew that the witch was not kind but figured she was better than leaving the child to die in the forest. She gave the baby a special blessing before departing. The queen gave birth two more times, two years apart each. Every time, the midwife did the same: entrusted the babies to the witch and gave them a blessing. The witch heartlessly called them:  Eins, Zwei, and Drei (One, Two, Three).
  • Otto was so absorbed that he got lost in the forest. Trying to find his way, he came upon three girls: Eins, Zwei, and Drei! They asked him to keep reading. The Queen finally gave birth to a boy and the King announced the baby as his first child, the heir to the throne. After the King passed, the Midwife told about the three sisters in the woods. She went to bring them back, but the cruel witch cast a curse to keep them from leaving! At this point the book ended and was left with only blank pages.
  • Eins, Zwei, and Drei played Otto's harmonica, infusing it with their energy. Otto made it out of the forest but nobody believed his story. When he grew up, he became a harmonica maker in a shop in Trossingen and finally did his duty as "Messenger" by bringing the fateful harmonica to the shop. He marked it with a red M. From there, the harmonica would travel throughout the world.
  • As fate would have it, Eins, Zwei, and Drei's freedom came when they saved Kenny Yamamoto from the brink of death. The witch's spell was broken and the sisters were finally reunited with their mother and brother. They were renamed Arabella, Roswitha, and Wilhelminia and lived happily, surrounded by their loving family.
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