An effective way to engage your students is through the creation of storyboards that examine Tone, Word Choice, Imagery, Style, and Theme. This activity is referred to with the acronym “TWIST”. In a TWIST, students focus on a particular paragraph or a few pages, to look deeper at the author’s meaning. For this activity, students will create a 5 cell storyboard, illustrating each letter of TWIST for Rudyard Kipling's poem “If”.

TWIST Example for “If”



The tone of this poem is didactic, which means it sets out to teach a lesson. In this case, a father to his son.


Kipling uses a lot of figurative language in this poem. One example is when he refers to Triumph and Disaster as “imposters”. This is an example of personification. Another example is when Kipling says, “Yours is the earth, and everything that is in it.” This is a hyperbole, or an exaggerated fact.


An example of imagery in this poem is the line, “If you can wait, and not be tired by waiting.”


 “If” is a lyrical poem. This means that it is written with such a rhythm and rhyme pattern that it resembles the musical qualities of a song.


The theme of this poem is self-development. The author is telling his son all of the things he needs to do in order to develop into a good man.

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Formål: Opret en TWIST-analyse af digtet "Hvis".


  1. Klik på "Start tildeling".
  2. Illustrer hvert eksempel ved hjælp af scener, tegn og emner.
  3. Skriv et par sætninger, der beskriver betydningen af hvert billede.
  4. Gem og send storyboard.

Lektionsplan Reference

Karakter Niveau 6-8

Sværhedsgrad 3 (Udvikling til Mastery)

Type af Assignment Individuel

Type af Aktivitet: Prose Analyse med TWIST

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