Resumen del Robot Salvaje

Resumen del Robot Salvaje
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El Robot Salvaje de Peter Brown Actividades

El robot salvaje de Peter Brown

Por Lauren Ayube

Roz es un robot. Su historia comienza cuando un huracán la deja sola en una isla, programada e intacta, mientras todos los demás robots fueron destruidos por la tormenta. Al principio, todos los animales de la isla temen a Roz, pero pronto demuestra que es un miembro de confianza del grupo. Esta es una historia imaginativa y entretenida sobre las diferencias, la amistad y la supervivencia.

El Robot Salvaje

Storyboard Descripción

A los estudiantes les encantará ilustrar la trama de The Wild Robot de Peter Brown, destacando los momentos clave de la novela.

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • Don't worry, little one. I will take care of you.
  • The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.
  • A newly manufactured robot named Roz finds herself alone and stranded on an island. She learns to adapt to her new environment, becomes a mother figure, and makes friends with all of the animals around her, changing their lives for the better.
  • Roz!
  • Roz finds an egg that hatches, and begins caring for a baby gosling. When she turns to the geese for help, they decide to name him Brightbill. When winter comes, Brightbill flies south with the other geese, and Roz helps the other animals survive the cold.
  • When Brightbill returns, he tells Roz that he found the factory where she was manufactured. Soon after, the combat robots, or RECOS, arrive on an airship to find Roz and take her away.
  • Ma, the robot looked just like you. I think that was the factory where you were built!
  • All of the animals work together to help Roz and prevent her from being taken. Together they are able to get rid of the combat robots, but Roz loses her limbs and is very hurt.
  • Mama is she okay?
  • Roz realizes that more RECOS will return and that she is putting all of her loved ones in danger. She tells the animals to help her get on the ship. She will go to the factory, get the necessary repairs, and promises return to them as soon as she can.
  • I will return, I promise...
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